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Quitting job due to safety concerns.

by Anonymous

I am 6 months pregnant and I manage a group home with troubled teenagers who have the potential of becoming violent. My position is stressful and my doctor has concerns of my blood pressure.


Do you have FMLA available? Is your doctor willing to provide the necessary documentation?

Have you ever been injured on this job due to violence from one of these teens or even documented "physical" interactions that may give rise to your reasonable fear.

All states have statutes about safety and they address quitting with good cause due to an employees concern for their safety on the job. It makes sense that this concern could also be the safety of your unborn child if your concern is reasonable .. which is why I asked about prior injuries.

But you can't just up and quit for this reason .. you would first need to address your concerns with the employer and ask for reasonable accommodation until the safety concern passes. If they refuse .. then you may have good cause to quit. You need to read the specific Indiana unemployment stattute. and it would be nice if you could read some Indiana unemployment decision on this subject, but I do not know where to find that.

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