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quitting job in illinois to move to indiana, due to moving with elderly parent.

I work part time in Illinois, but have to move to Indiana with elderly parent.

Collecting SSI currently, but need supplement job to cover expenses. Currently seeking employment in Indiana. Current job is too far to travel to.

Can i collect unemployment until job is secured? I'm in good standing with current employer.

Good standing with your current employer aside, the question is whether you can prove good cause to quit and move to Indiana for the sake of your elderly parent? What that reason may be isn't necessarily something rising to good cause yet or, attributable to the employment.

First question would be why you are being compelled to make this decision .. other than your elderly parent's home being to far to travel to your part time job from.

It's a mistake to think of unemployment benefits as a subsidy to do what only feels like the right thing to do .. there has to be a compelling and necessitous reason .. when a state does have a statute allowing good cause for compelling family reasons

Why do you have to move to Indiana? Is there a medical documentation from your parent's physician compelling you?

I would suggest trying the IL unemployment handbook to see if anything sounds similar to your situation where someone was allowed to collect.

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