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Relocating Cities in California - Can My Husband Quit and Collect Unemployment Benefits

by Michelle
(Sacramento CA)

Hi there I just transferred from Fresno California to Sacramento California.

My husband is still at his construction company in Fresno and can't be transferred to Sacramento because his company is based out of central California.

Can my husband receive unemployment benefits as he looks for work here in Sacramento.

I believe you can find an answer to a question that varies on circumstances, when reviewing what is found under VQ 150 TRAVEL: TIME, DISTANCE AND COST FACTORS and VQ 155 DOMESTIC CIRCUMSTANCES in California's UIBDG.

I believe both would be good bets if you make more than your husband .. which would likely be needed for the reason to fit the compelling and necessitous portion of the burden he will need to prove is factual.

You'll find the link to the California Unemployment Insurance Benefits Determination guide here.

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