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Resuming Unemployment After Quitting Unsuitable Work.

by Kelly

I have been on unemployment for about 10 months, I was laid off my job after 14 years, working in the staffing industry. I was offered a job in a medical office performing medical billing, I accepted the job and I quit after the second day on the job. I was in over my head I did not understand what I was doing, I had trouble with Medicare and understanding billing codes and diagnosis just knew I was out of my element? Am I eligible to resume unemployment since I quit? My previous job I had to sign a non-compete and can not re-enter that field for one year and that year is not up yet. So I tried this job but did not work out?

Hi Kelly,

It depends, some states do have statutes that are more forgiving for quitting due to unsuitable work, but you do have to play by the rules of whatever state you're in.

Resuming benefits will more than likely raise an eligibility issue once you start filing that will need to be investigated.

So just focus on the statute regarding what is suitable work and then apply the statute to why this job was NOT suitable as your reason for quitting.

They will issue another determination .. which of course can be appealed.

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