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Riffed and collecting

by Maria
(Monmouth Cty, New Jersey)

I was laid off due to a "rif" (Reduction In Force). My question is should there be any issues with collecting. I received a telephone interview appointment for non-monetary reasons. What does that mean? I think it's because I answered "yes" to the question "Are you currently enrolled in school. I put yes because I had enrollment for a course before I knew i was being Riffed, however, I have not started yet due to becoming unemployed and filing for benefits. So other employees who were Riffed received the same type of appointment but many didn't.


I believe you have pinpointed the issue New Jersey will be investigating at your interview.

The layoff should present a problem unless there was some kind of "voluntary quit buyout program" and if this is the problem the issue is very state specific and would be found in NJ unemployment statutes.

The school problem I do address on this page about unemployment and going to school.

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