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Temp job is awful !!!!

by Colleen
(New York)

I was recently let go from a job I worked for 6 years. I took a temp job from an agency that I absolutely hate the job!

I want to leave the temp job and the agency. Can I still claim unemployment from my previous job?

Chris's Response to Voluntarily Quitting a Temp Job

Hi Colleen,

Working for a temp agency, as an employee sent out on temporary job assignments, is a circumstance of at-will employment that I felt necessary to write an article for to warn about a particular drawback. Especially since I had my own miserable experience as a temp employee working for three years at the same job I'd been laid off from.

The issue with collecting unemployment benefits is especially concerning to those living and working in a state that has an added special temporary work voluntary quit provision just for it's unemployment law.

Here's your problem as far as I can see .. Just hating the temp job .. is not good cause to voluntarily quit and because it would end up being the last, or most recent separation from a job, the disqualification for quitting without good cause would prevent you from collecting benefits given back for the previous job separation which one was initially found eligible to receive benefits until you can purge the VQ disqaulification .

(And yes, I mean you can be disqualified from further benefits, even if your original separation was an eligible layoff for a lack of work after six years of employment with one company.)

You can also use the search bar to find other temporary job warnings.

New York also has a decent interpretive index by issue and reasons regarding unemployment law you might want to peruse as well.

I link to it at the
bottom of the unemployment law page.


My apologies in advance for the mess of links there ..

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