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Unemployment and 1099s Plus W-2 For NY STATE

(New York)

I worked from Dec. 2009 until August 2010 for a company that I made enough money to qualify for unemployment on payroll with a W-2. It was a TV show and the season ended. I have since worked three jobs, one 1099 from September 2010 until March 2011 and another short one on W-2 payroll for 7 weeks, June and July 2011. And one from Oct. 3rd until now that I will receive a 1099 for.

On all 4 jobs I was let go because the show was finished, I wasn't fired and I didn't quit.

When filing a claim it asks for Federal ID # of last employer but do I put the 2nd W-2 job since that is the last W-2 job I worked and it is listed on the site? It asks how many employers have you had in the last 18 months do I list all 4 or just the two w-2 jobs. If I list all 4 and select the most recent as "other" since my w-2's show up on the claim site... it then asks for the Fed ID # of that 1099 job which I don't have.

I understand you have to claim 1099 wages and collect during them but do you submit them with the claim, it seems to be confusing the process.


Hi Dan,

Really hard to tell sitting here, but I would put them all on the list .. because a 1099 doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't, or shouldn't of been covered employment.

Reason being, it's not just unemployed people that commit unemployment fraud causing a burden to the system of unemployment insurance.

A growing trend among business whether intentional, or unintentional is to misclassify employees as independent contractors, i.e., self employed.

So, since you work in a type of business that may have special rules applying to it and is sort of transient in nature it's more important for you to know when work should be covered by unemployment insurance.

Additionally, it wouldn't be a bad idea to acquaint yourself with rules for collecting when self employment is involved.

I personally think they are a bit on the tougher side when compared to some other states.

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