Tip - Finding Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Information Resources Is How I've Tried To Help

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I believe the really good unemployment benefits eligibility information is intentionally buried to keep claimants under-informed.

I believe this is done for one reason. To keep potential recipients from understanding unemployment benefits eligibility.

An opinion .. yes, but one I developed after years of searching official unemployment websites for answers to quantify why I answered a question like I did.

Over the years, I've developed a technique which has led to quite a bit of buried unemployment eligibility information.

I wish I could keep up doing what I used to do, but there simply isn't enough time to dig deep .. every time.

Help find other resources to compliment the unemployment laws and precedent manuals.

This is a community page to share what you find searching the internet .. hopefully it will become a useful state by state resource page.

Links to online unemployment resources help make clear what unemployment laws actually mean.

Rules of procedure, decisions, and online unemployment resource libraries etc.

How I search for unemployment benefits eligibility information

I focus one question at a time.

I first look for where it should be in plain sight on a state website. I follow links to "learn more".

Sometimes this leads me straight to relevant and explanatory information.

Most times not.

When I feel like I'm on a wild goose chase, I use the search bar and plug in queries I know to be relevant to unemployment statutes (which I have opened in another window). I also draw on my own experience of "identifying the issue".

When everything seems to fail, I quit asking like a claimant or unemployed person and pretend to be an employer. (Why I still save this until last .. I don't know unless I'm still hoping one day I'll wake up and some state will have figured out the unemployed need the information.

Let's look at the quest I went on today.

The question was about an employer's appeal to the Indiana Unemployment Board of Review that had included a request to submit new evidence not placed into the record created by the first level unemployment appeal hearing.

This was found in plain sight. Indiana Unemployment Appeal Information

I started using the search bar because the info was entirely, inadequate. The following are my search queries and the results.

Review Board
Precedent Manual
precedent decisions
Administrative Rules

I collected a number of bookmarks to peruse later in my free time, but I still didn't have an answer.

Finally, I opened the claimant and the employer handbook.

I knew what i was looking for but I just couldn't find it. I wanted to quantify what I thought was true about submitting additional and/or new information for a board of review to consider when you did in fact attend the hearing as this employer had.

I was almost positive the employer would have to show good cause for not bringing it on at the first hearing .. but if they did show cause I thought a de novo (brand new) hearing would be the likely result of any board order.

Claimant Handbook led right back to the page I felt was inadequate. It also linked to courts.IN.gov Good lord .. another search bar.

But, that's where I found a relevant court decision regarding being allowed or not to admit new evidence not provided during the first unemployment appeal hearing.

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