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Unemployment Department Got Me Mixed Up With Someone Else

I went to the unemployment center this morning to see why my weekly claim wasn't approved. They tell me I've been working full-time all week I said what's the name of the company? She told me it was a company in florida state somewhere. I live in Washington DC, so I called the company and they said no you haven't, and you can get them to call me. I said ok. Told her at the unemployment department and she said she have to do the investigation so I gave the number to the company and address I supposedly be working for. I still have to wait 21 days SMH guess my lights will be off.

If I Had to Guess If A Mix Up, or Unemployment Fraud

First, when something like this came up while I worked on hearings, it wasn't unknown the root cause of this sort of problem was someone at the department not keying the correct SSN.

It was also not unknown to me that some people, intentionally stole SSNs for the purpose of committing unemployment fraud.

However, I'm sorry to hear you may now have to wait up to 21 days for the Washington DC department to conduct an investigation into this because if anyone would ask me, I would would think they would also make this investigation about your claim, a priority.

But then again, reports coming through in my google news feeds .. unemployment fraud is rampant, so maybe they will just call that company to begin figuring out who made the error, or committed the fraud.

It would be nice if when you learn what did in fact cause this mistake, glitch, or hitch for you, if you could come back and explain it.

Chris -

PS Have you ever heard of "unemployment New Hire Reporting System"?

You should google it. Most unemployed people don't know that when they accept a job, the new employer is supposed to report all new hires to a government agency .. for the purpose of identifying UI fraudsters .. and more ... like those who avoid paying unpaid child support.

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