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Unemployment In Florida - Filing For Disability at Same Time?

by Confused

So, I have a few questions.

1. I have an injury and illness that currently makes it difficult to walk and when I'm walking or getting up and down from a chair, etc. it is very painful. So, I've been approved for a temporary Medical Leave Of Absence. I was starting to be able to move normally and with much less pain and I must have twisted my leg the wrong way or something and the pain is worse than it was to begin with. However, even due to that, the doctor does not want to give me a doctors note to be off for a longer period of time. It was like pulling teeth to get the week and a half I did get.

So, my question is, if I end up terminated due to not being able to get back to work and the doctor won't give me a doctors note, can I still file for unemployment? It is certainly not misconduct of any kind, it's being in pain and I'm not about to worsen my condition or hurt myself further just so I can get to work. I need the money, however, I'll end up fired from not being able to perform my job well because I don't know about you but if you are in pain, it's difficult to be cheerful and do a good job.

2. Can you be on unemployment and file for Social Security Disability? They require for you to be off work for a
year already OR be expected to be off work for a year due to your disability. Quite difficult to do when you would be going without any income for a long time while waiting to see IF you are even approved.

I'm a very few years away from being 66 when I can retire and get my full amount of social security.

I'm really not sure what the best move is.

Hi, I have a question too.

If your doctor won't extend your leave, will they consider releasing you back to work with any temporary work restrictions? If so, the the employer would need to accommodate you in some way until you're doctor fully releases you, or they'd have to refuse for some valid reason and you would need to document precisely what the employer did, to later be able to prove good cause to quit.

Being fired due to medical reasons is not misconduct, but what you're telling me is you lack medical documentation from a doctor to support the position you're proposing to me .. that pain alone is your reasoning already, that you won't be able to perform your job anymore.

I don't have a lot of expertise to offer on how disability benefits (SSDI) work, but I do know even a disable person who still works is subject to the same conditional rules anyone else is, you must be able and available to accept and work suitable work, in any week you collect an unemployment benefit amount.


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