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Using non prescribed medications at work

by LD

Hello...I am being terminated for using controlled substances at work, I unfortunately took them from work as well, I did admit to this (I am receiving medical help for this now) and had a positive UA for the medication (done at work). Years ago, I had done this before and on my unemployment form, listed reason for being fired briefly as "falsifying documents" as cause and I received benefits, my employer did not appeal. It is a little different in that documents weren't really involved this time. Like I mentioned, I am receiving help and am not a bad person, just someone who needs help. I plan on applying for unemployment again, and I am wondering if you had any idea's as far as listing a reason other than theft. I was thinking...Addiction, or just simply using unprescribed medications at work. I don't believe this employer will deny me, just worried that the state (Washington) will if I don't word it just right. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi LD,

I think you need to check the statutes to see if there is a provision for compulsive use of drugs or alcohol that might help .. I'm not sure if WA has such a provision, but some states do.

The truth is LD, that most people who are denied unemployment benefits aren't bad people .. unemployment benefits are not determined on what kind of a person you are, but what you did .. both when fired for misconduct or quitting for whatever reason.

You might also try the WA Unemployment Precedent Decisions

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