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Went through all the proper channels

I was employed as the housekeeping mgr. at a hotel for 28 years.In September of 2009 I went to the G.M. to discuss work issues,specifically maintenance requests that were not being completed.At that time she said she would look into it.Believing her word I went about my work.Two weeks after talking with her and seeing no results I felt that I needed to talk to someone else to see if we could get this resolved.By this time we were writing the same request up 2 or 3 times as it was not being completed.Going through the proper channels I spoke with the owner about the above problem and explained to him that I had went to the G.M. two weeks prior about this situation to no avail.He said he would get to the bottom and get it straightened out.In October 2009 we began having problems with the washing machine.At times, it would not spin out.Then you would have to turn the breaker off behind it to start the cycle over .Sometimes you had to hold the handle down during the spin cycle to get it to complete.Maintenance request was written up for this and the G.M. was informed of this unsafe piece of equip.The base of this unit was very unstable as well; resulting in it shaking horribly.Very unsafe.They did look at it but nothing was corrected.I became very stressed as nothing was being done to correct these issues.The stress ,attributable to this job , began affecting my health and I was put on medication. In staff meetings I would bring up issues that needed to be resolved but again nothing was done. In mid November 2009,prior to a staff meeting that the owner had informed us he would be attending, the G.M. used her position of authority to threaten me that I was to keep my mouth shut and not say anything stupid.She further stated that if I got fired I would never ever collect unemployment.I felt at this time I had went through all the proper channels trying to rectify these problems and because of that I had no option but to quit.


Check your state for what it says about working in unsafe conditions. You might start with the unemployment statutes.

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