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why was I denied if I was working for two employers 7 days a week summing up 41 hours and one of them laid me off and ended up with 16 hours by the other employer?

by Edith
(San Juan PR)

I was qualified monetarily. I lost 25 hours when laid off by one of my employers and went from 41 hours total per week between the two employers to 16 hours from only one. I don't understand the denial of benefits.

Hi Edith,

I don't really know why Puerto Rico denied benefits, but the first place I'd look for the potential problem would be to find out if the hours you are still working and I assume, reporting, are enough to cancel out any partial unemployment benefits.

I would look first in Table 3-8 of the monetary chartbook because it compares state partial benefits and provides you with the "disregard amount" for the wages you earn in each week.

If the denial still doesn't compute .. appeal.


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