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Will Online Classes / School Cause a Problem With My Benefits?

by ashley
(san bernardino ca )

Hi, I just wrote a thank you note in the comments box because you guys gave good information and I won so thank you again. \

My question now is that I just started online classes, and I didn't report it on the claim form. What should I do?

I am going to class online so it shouldn't be a problem, right? And how would I get that claim form signed if I am going to school online.

Hi Ashley,

A fax machine .. maybe?

I would like to direct you to the benefit determination guide in California. Here you go.

The section you might explore would be "Able and Available". I sure it mentions somewhere, that UIB's are not intended to be a subsidy while you go to school .. at least not without special permission to forgo the job search .. or being able and available for work.

You should report that you are going to school to the EDD in the week you file a continuing claim for benefits. That's my advice.

According to others in CA I have spoken to, it does raise the A&A issue and the possibility the state may suspend benefits pending a scheduled interview to determine whether attending school online or any other way, may be interfering with your availability for work, or your ability to accept suitable work if offered.

going to school and being A&A is generally, considered a claimant's issue only and employer's only get involved when they "hear" or suspect a person may be attending school and decide to send an informational letter to the department, any insights I have to offer is limited to what a state may consider to not be restrictive to accept suitable work. which for me would have more to do with your online class schedule and the flexibility of it.

They may ask, would you quit school if a job is offered posing a conflict with your school schedule.

Yes would be the appropriate answer if you understand UIB's are not a subsidy to attend school at least not without that special permission from the dept.

Although I understand why, if someone knows their benefits may be suspended pending an investigation might not reveal the fact they began school, or training, I would still personally fill that continuing claim form out correctly and truthfully as you are certifying it is accurate under some fairly stiff fraud penalties.

Point being, when someone is less than truthful on a claim form and the state finds out .. a fraud overpayment determination may arrive next in your mailbox and I'd like it if no one ever had to ask me a question about overpayments.

Very glad we helped in part with getting benefit s though.


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Sep 21, 2009
Re: Going to school online. Is it a problem?
by: Jean

I live in Ohio and I recently won my appeal and back pay, which I recently received in several lump sum payments. I also reported I go to school online (UOP, which I did when I worked full-time) and it has not been an issue at all. When I file my weekly claim they just ask if anything has changed with school and I state no. The wonderful thing about going to school online is you have versatility. The first time I was questioned about this via the phone I stated to UE, I can go to school any time of the day that I choose, I can work full-time without it disrupting my school schedule. After that the issue was dead other than me stating that yes I am still in school and nothing else has changed. I did however ask when my schedule changes with my next block of classes would that interrupt my UE payments. They stated it would not just supply the information for the new block of classes. I really do not think you have any worries and good for you for going back to school. My only concern is I have a pending lawsuit against my previous employer (city government) and I am wondering how this will all play out, best of luck to you!

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