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Will temping one or two days a week decrease my unemployment compensation?

(Florida's Space Coast)

I have been receiving unemployment benefits for a little over a year. I am a Florida resident. I do get the max $275. If I temp a day or two and I answer 'yes' that I've earned a wage for a particular week, will that reduce my compensation for that week? Will it reduce my compensation from thereafter?


Any week you work a temp job and earn more than 7 times the federal minimum wage (I think it's still 7.25). That is the amount of earnings they will disregard before they start reducing your WBA dollar for dollar to the partial amount.

When you file your continuing claims .. it's on a week by week basis .. so one week has nothing to do with any other week.

But just so you are made aware .. once you start working for a temp agency .. they become the employer or the subsequent work and you should use the search box located on most of the Q&A pages to look for my warnings about temporary staffing agencies and collecting unemployment.

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