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Willful Misrepresentation

(New York Unemployment)

My daughter was involved in a car accident on a Sunday evening at 4:00 pm. She lives in New York State and was receiving unemployment benefits. She claimed benefits for the week ending Jan. 2 (the day of the accident). She has not filed since because she was placed on NYS disability. She is now being told that she willfully misrepresented the fact that she was ready, willing and able to work for the 2nd of January and they told her she could not receive any more benefits for 2 years. Do those 8 hours that she was in the hospital on Jan. 2nd constitute grounds for her losing her unemployment benefits?



Did she certify for the week ending 1/2 before or after the car accident?

My thought is both of these events would have a time attached to them with some sort of documentation to prove there was nothing "willfully misrepresented" when she certified.


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