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won 2 unemloyment appeals after i quit after 15 years employed now they called me back to work for 3 dollars less when i quit can i refuse with out losing benifits

by tom

thank you

Not sure Tom. What I do know is that it's possible they are now trying to create an issue of a refusal of work.

Ever heard of an "informational letter" or have you seen the "report fraud" button on the AWI website?

The department also investigates what others tell them about you .. not just what boxes you might check on your continuing claims.

So I think it would be relevant to know why you quit in the first place .. and then also whether the job would be the same and if the wage is fair in relation to the local labor market and the prevailing wages for that occupation as to make it suitable work which the AWI could impose a "refusal of work" disqualificeation.

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