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Won at appeal for misconduct but not lateness of filing.

by Lisa
(Oakland, California)

I went to my first level appeal and defended myself for misconduct and did not defend the latenes of the request for appeal. I did not realize this was as important as showing I was fired without just cause for a job I had done well for 10 years. Now once again I am not going to have a lawyer defend me in my second level appeal, but would like to know where I can find a precedent judgement that I may put in my request. Can you help me find a good source for prior cases that might have relevant results?


Congratulation on winning the misconduct issue, but timeliness makes the rest of the appeal a moot point and in some states they will even stop the proceeding if you can't get past that issue first.

Always check what issues will be addressed at the hearing. (This is just a warning for other .. since you already learned this).

In California the only resources I know of are the Precedent decisions:)

And the UIBDG (look under miscellaneous).

Good luck Lisa!

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