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I was hired for an agency two years ago; at my interview I told them that I was in school and needed to know if they could accomodate my school schedule. They assured me that my school schedule was not an issue and they assured me that I could have those days to attend school with no problem. I am now studying at a University in an accelerated evening program. After permitting me to attend all this time, they now are saying that they will not accomodate me with those 2 days off, but are accomodating another employee for his schooling. I am outraged at other issues with the employer which includes their unwillingness to discipline others that use foul language and create a stressful environment at work. I have had enough of the volatile environment and with the latest series of events I want to quit. Can I legally quit and demand unemployement due to their unwillingness to provide a healthy work environment as well as acceptable conditions that allow me to continue school?

Demand, outrage .. emotion?

I can't tell you anything different than what I have told anyone else.

If you quit, the burden to prove you had good cause to quit is entirely yours.

Although I would avoid using school attendance as the cause .. since there are so many other issues, but again when the unemployment department asks what efforts you have made to preserve the employment .. what will you tell them and will you have documentation or witnesses to verify the abhorrent conditions.

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