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Work in DE; Live in PA - Able to quit and collect unemployment due to workplace harassment and employer retaliation.

by Anne
(Blue Bell, PA, USA)

The workplace is becoming intolerable. I am treated with disrespect and dishonesty by management. My manager has gone as far as to make dishonest statements and put in my personnel file. My management is reducing my project portfolio and decreasing my compensation. This all began when I deemed a contractor as being a poor performer who has close ties with management.

I have filed an ethics complaint and currently an investigation is underway in the HR department. This investigation, I am increasingly suspecting, is to protect management and not myself. I have asked for a layoff in writing three times and have received no responses.

I work in DE and live in PA. Do I have a case for unemployment? This situation is effecting my career and my personal life unfortunately.

Any insight would be helpful.

Hi Anne,

You need to tread carefully. I'm telling you this because there are things you should be doing now to either position yourself for an EEOC complaint or best case scenario to make the employer think twice and back the heck off.

I think you should talk to an employer now ... and not wait until it's too late to assert your protected rights.

I think it would be inadvisable to quit at this point while there is an investigation underway. It would give the employer an argument that you did not give them a chance to resolve the matter.

I also think you should immediately request a copy of your personnel file ...

Somehow you need to connect the retaliatory actions of the employer with the reason you believe is behind it all. This would probably best be done through a written document, but I do advise an employment attorney so you do not make an error that cannot be undone.

Funny isn't it .. when we hear the term human resources it sounds so warm and fuzzy. Well, I have some other terms for the acronym HR

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