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Workers comp leave question .. If you are injured on a job contact a lawyer.

by tim

i was instructed by my physician to take time of work because of bulging disks in my neck. the accident occured at work and is covered by workers comp. it was just over a month that i took off. i sent an em to my boss explaining the situation. a new employee was brought in to fill in. now that i am cleared to work again my position is unavailable because the new employee is staying. i think they will offer a part time job but not yet... just curious about my options

Hi Tim,

Since you have been cleared by the doctor to go back to work and the employer is aware of this, but has nothing available .. it is currently a lack of work claim and if they only put you back to work part time .. you should be able to continue to collect partial benefits if your earnings don't exceed the unemployment weekly benefit amount.

If I ever suffer a personal injury on the job .. I would not just listen to what the employer told me ..

I would get myself a worker comp lawyer to make sure I didn't get screwed over when it came time to go back to work .. or when they let me go because I couldn't go back to work.

If you are injured on a job .. you become a liability, almost anytime you present a potential monetary liability to an employer you can usually find a lawyer willing to help you because the possible monetary award can be substantial .. vs UI benefits .. which are measly.

But the main reason for you to have a lawyer is so you start protecting yourself before it's too late to protect yourself.

It's the difference between the two cliches I like best for describing two different attitudes about work.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure .. or you're a day late and a dollar short.

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May 29, 2011
Good Tips
by: Chris Harris

Thank you for the tips you have been sharing, i have been more than impressed, keep coming with more here..


Problem is .. is slanted and biased toward the unemployed and my tips and comments are primarily for claimants .. not employers .. so commenting on a worker's comp blog directed to employers wouldn't really be my cup of tea.

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