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working in 2 states

by david
(Sebastian, Florida )

I worked for one company in the state of Florida and Tennessee since 10-04 to 02-09 and was permanently laid off. What do I need to do to collect unemployment? I am searching for work at this time.

You should file in Florida. The maximum benefit is $275 (this figure is for (2008 because the DOL hasn't updated to show 2009 WBA's nor the effect of the new stimulus package yet) in both states.

You will want to let Florida know that you also worked in Tennessee, if it was at anytime in the last 18 months....just in case there is a need for a combined wage claim. If the employer paid your wages and paid Tennessee unemployment tax on any wages, Florida would need to be aware of this so they can transfer wage credit.

Just make sure Florida is aware you also worked in Tennessee so they know to communicate with TN.

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