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Working on-call and getting ui benefits

I wanted to know what can I do without messing up my ui benefits. I work an on -call position now for about 3 wks. But I got offered another on-call position and it's closer to my home. How should I handle the situation with my current on-call employer without losing my ui benefits since their both not considered a regular position.


Please. As I have explain and asked many times in other question, tell me the name of the state

It's important to know which state this is concerning.

Tell me what state you're in and why you can't work both on-call, part-time jobs .. I assume?

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Aug 13, 2013
On call companys
by: Anonymous

I'm in Idaho So if you work for a 24/7 on call agency, and you file for unemployment, do you have to be available 24/7 7 days a week to be able to collect unemployment.

If so, it sounds like you're better stay home and never plan on leaving your house, in case they call.

My hours were 7pm/7am mon- Thurs. For the past year. Isn't it kinda unreasonable for me to feel coffined to my home. I am told I must be available or I lose my benefits.

Who told you what?

When you signed on to this home health care agency, didn't you give any hours of availability you would be able to work?

As for feeling coffined within your own home .. this may be a matter of choosing to use reason vs. letting fear overrun you.

There is no employer, or unemployment agency able to keep workers available at their bidding 24/7.

I think there's even precedent unemployment decisions in some states that liken that kind of demand to slavery.

Clearly, you must be collecting partial unemployment benefits and still working for the same home health care company you worked for when you had a regular client to serve .. so if they are threatening your benefits to force you to be available to take any assignment that comes your way 24/7 .. the only one who can help you .. is you.

Ask for a meeting to help clarify the work requirements and then confirm your understanding of what you were told by your employer in an email recapping the talk.

It's as good a place to start answering your own questions about what an employer expects of you as any.

Aug 13, 2013
On call work
by: Anonymous

I'm In Idaho I'm in the home health field. I worked 7am-7pm shifts for the past year. Now my client passed away. The company provides services 24-7. Now unemployment says I have to be available to work. Dose this mean I have to sit home 24-7 and not plan anything ever. Due to the fact they may call. This seams untreasonable to me. Help me!

Nov 10, 2012
Responding to your answer
by: Anonymous

It's in Texas , I can't work both on call because the other on call job that wants to hire me ,they want me work more days on a regular basis versus the on call job that I have now. I probably won't be available to work the current job that I have if I take the other on call job offer that is closer to my mine home and I will be getting more hours .

I can't give you an easy way to avoid the conflict I know the TWC will see if you quit the one to take the other.

But, this is what I'd do.
Document (documenting is about creating proof to support what you tell the TWC).

Your predicament is a voluntary quit from the older employer.

The offer you've received is better in hours and pay so whether futile or not, ask your current employer if they will work with you to provide the same amount of hour ypu're working now it is doable for you to work them both.

Point being .. you need at least some sort of prrof for good cause to give to the TWC about how you tried to keep working both in case your written proposal doesn't work out.

Who knows .. maybe it will work out and you might start earning more than you getting from making UI benefits.

That would be a good thing .. right?

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