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Workplace harassment

by tracy

can i quit my job and also receive unemployment because my boss is verbally abusive to me and other employers in front of customers. and also bad talks all his employers there is 5 employees


You are talking about getting unemployment .. so when you mention "others" it doesn't mean a thing .. unless the "others" are willing to testify on your behalf that the "boss" is verbally abusive to you in front of customers .. to such a degree that you had no choice, but to quit ..

requirements of proving good cause for quitting to get unemployment do not change irregardless of the fact that you are being verbally abused.

So, the question, when someone quits is always .. how will they prove they personally, had good cause to quit attributable to the employer.

In your case and almost everyone else that ask me this question .. the answer is I don't know if you will get unemployment because to even form an opinion .. I would need

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Feb 26, 2010
Understand Your Situation!
by: Anonymous

The advise you are being given is 100% accurate by the wonderful person on this website. My boss & supervisor have been verbally abusive and I'm counting on a coworker for her support as proof of this, not to mention I have other situations as far as sexual harassment etc that we have dealt with, but the truth is and from what I was told is to document as much as you can about when this happens & don't keep your notes at work with case you make a quick leave like I did finally this past week, you will have your notes with you. Show that you made the attempt by email or letter that you explained to your boss that the verbal abuse is not professional nor is it respectful, especially for other customers or employees to work, then see what he says and keep his advise from the wonderful person on this website, I totally feel will get me the unemployment benefits I deserve! Hang in's not fair or easy but they know we need our jobs & think we won't quit that we won't get unemployment benefits but they are wrong, IF you have good cause, thats a big IF, you may have things in your favor. I will see about mine & wish you all the best with your situation! Also, there are alot of websites that offer free legal advise about these type of situations as well!
Best wishes! Keep your chin up & DOCUMENT! DOCUMENT!

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