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Would I loose my Unemployment COmpensation if I were to quit a new job?

by Amanda

I'm currently on unemployment benefits but was hired by a company that had first told me that it was going to be for full-time work. So, I start working for them and now they are telling me that this is a part-time position that could possibly go full-time in the future. Would i loose my unemployment benefits if i were to quit the job? I have been working there for 4 days now.


Yes, you could lose your benefits and Florida's disqualification for voluntarily quitting "suitable work" is stiff .. you must return to another job and earn 17 times your weekly benefit amount before you can re-qualify if you happen to again lose a job "through no fault of your own.

Why quit? It might turn into a full time job .. which is what everyone wants .. right?

And, if it is part-time .. there is still the possibility that you might be able to claim partial benefits until that time.

I know that there is a link to a chart that explains the how Partial unemployment benefits work here. It has the formulas for all the states.

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