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Would I qualify for unemployment benefits?

(North Carolina)

My fiance and I lived in separate North Carolina cities, about 90 miles from each other. I recently found out about his ongoing infidelity. The utter shock/horror/disappointment of the situation caused me to become so distraught, I became ill. I missed 2 days of work, and in 4 days, lost 8 pounds. The time I missed at work was an important period, where we were preparing a very large presentation to win a pivotal account.

Because of the importance of the days I missed; when I returned to work, I felt the need to be honest with my manager about why i was sick. She was completely understanding and supportive of me. However, for the next month or so, I was in a severe depressive and paranoid state. I spent most of my work hours checking up on my fiance, getting help from infidelity sites, or staring off listlessly into space. I began to fall behind in my work duties. I had always been the 'pride' of my boss's team - always available, ingenuitive, and could remember anything. All of a sudden, I couldn't remember simple things, and many times, my answers to my teammates questions was, "I'm sorry, my head is not here".

The fiance and I decided to try and make our relationship work, but our one mandatory decision was that we now needed to
be in the same place, if the relationship stood a chance. After much decision, we decided I would quit my job and move to the city where he was (as he was self-employed and making more money than I; and it would be easier for me to find a new position). When I returned from vacation, I put in my notice to resign the position; as I felt I, and our relationship could no longer 'function' with my being in another city. My manager was completely understanding of the situation. I stated in my resignation letter that the reason for my leaving was due to relocation; although my immediate boss knows the details of the situation. No one else at my employer knows the true nature of my leaving - everyone else just believes it was due to the engagement.

This has all taken place over about 2 and a half months. I left my position confident that a position I had applied for in the new city would pan out, but it hasn't. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits in the meantime? Would I be able to use my immediate boss as a witness?


Here is North Carolina's statute which explains your problem. (1d)

Your boss as a witness? Your boss would be the employer's witness and it's very doubtful the testimony will be helpful to you.

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