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Would I still be eligable for benefits if I tell unemployment about a job I had then quit or don't tell unemployment.

(Chicago, Il)

I'm currently recieving unemployment in illinois. I took a job that was less paying, and since it involved the selling of animals " a little against my morals".

Regardless, after accepting this position on a Monday I received a better offer. The only problem is that my offer fell through and I cannot even get a hold of the person to ask why!

I only worked 3 days. I would hate to lie on my certification. But need to know how I would even report it seeing I have never received any pay from the job I left after 3 days. Will I lose my benefits because I took a job and quit?

Any help would be great!

Well, you're asking me a question which forces me to make assumptions about what you are going to do .. so here goes.

If you tell them, the unemployment department will want to investigate whether you accepted and then quit that "selling of animals" with good cause or not .. unless you can prove that you were even offered another legitimate job that would only have an effect if Illinois allows quitting for a better paying job as good cause.

By the way, I'm still trying to figure out why someone would take a job selling animals if it was against their morals. And don't try to tell me you didn't know this went on when you took the job.

Next possibility is that you don't report the employment and subsequent quit to the department.

You'll probably get away with it for a time, but there is this rule for employers .. they are suppose to report all new hires to the state and possibly even the federal government now .. it's call "new hire reporting" and it's just a guess mind you .. but I think it is a key element in detection of unemployment fraud.

Fraud is another subject that I'm don't really see the need to go into except to tell people .. DON'T DO IT!!

By the way, the help would be located in the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Handbook at the first link on this page.

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