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Would this be "Good Cause" in North Dakota?

by Suzy
(Fargo, ND)

I was hired at the end of February as a licensed practical nurse for an organization that operates several group homes for the developmentally disabled. I was given a written job description, but what they have me doing is acting only as a chauffer for these clients. My only duty is to bring them to and from medical appointments, something a nursing license is not needed for. In addition, they never have a company vehicle available for me to use in transporting these clients. While they state, for the record, that I am "not required" to use my personal vehicle, the Executive Director states it is "no different than transporting a coworker to a meeting" and that there should not be an issue with my insurance - which, obviously, would NOT cover me in the event there were an accident. The work environment is already becoming strained because when I cannot find a company vehicle available to use, I refuse to transport. I find myself having to beg, call MANY different group homes (and many of those person do not return the call), and when I DO get my hands on a vehicle, I am getting calls on my cell phone literally every 5 minutes asking when it will be back, who told me I could take THAT one, etc.,? I was hired as a staff nurse, not a driver. Is this "good cause" to quit?

Hi Suzy,

Here's the link to North Dakota's Unemployment rules.

My suggestion is that you contact the UI department and I would always go to an appeal office versus claims. There is a phone number to Appeals on this page.

Does the job description include "driving clients"? What does company policy state about "insurance requirements". You might check with the Department of Health. The issues you are raising make me think you should also find out if the employer is violating a law or regulation about the transport of clients and therefore the employer is asking you to do something illegal .. which would be good cause.

You may also have an argument if the employer mislead you at hire about what the job was .. depending on the state, there may be good cause because your skills are not being utilized.

Truly sorry I can't be more helpful, but I would be thoroughly interested in any follow-up you'd care to contribute.

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