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by Mike
(Cape Cod, Mass)

I have been with one supermarket for over 40 years. I have been a Deli Manager for many of those years. I will honestly tell you that I did re-wrap some cheese. They came down to me and fired me. I did have a meeting with Shaws supermarket and they taped the conversation where I did say I had re-wrapped the cheese. Everyone has done that but are not on tape. I did not get a warning and this is after 40 years of service. I make a very good wage and had a lot of vacation time. Now it came out in the paper today, that they are laying off 4% of the work force. I almost think I was just a start of it. I don't think I can collect and have no money. What can I do


Let's start with the basic question .. since you were fired.

What is the rule about wrapping cheese that allowed the employer to fire you without prior warnings.

You didn't mention that you had prior warnings and after 40 years .. I would go so far as to say that they are just trying to get rid of the people they can that make the most money.

I will also tell you that since you live in Mass. you have a better than average opportunity for getting benefits.

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