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Wrongful Termination

by Kenia
(St. Petersburg, FL)

I was recently fired for being accussed of theft and told that I was seen by someone (the corp. office would not tell me who) when I went into the office on my day off to send my timecard. Please help me, I did not do this and do not believe that this is fair, especially when I know that this is untrue. Also, one of my former co-worker's is telling customers (well one in particular that I know personally) that I got fired because I was stealing. Now, I know that this is not right, and should not be allowed. Please Help!!!

Help you how? Do you really think I have enough information to help you in any substantial kind of way? It is you that can help you.

How will you show that the discharge for theft is without merit .. unprovable? .. Not misconduct.

How? What do you have that you can work with?

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