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Wrongfully Terminated and Hearing Decision Reversed - What Does That Mean

by Leslie

I was fired for supposedly failing a drug test, was denied benefits after my initial application. I appealed the decision and Legal Aid of North Carolina accepted my case and represented me during my appeal. On the NCESC website my appeal is showing as the decision being reversed. Can someone tell me what that means. It also shows the decision as being mailed on 12/10/2014 as well as 12/22/2014 as being the final appeal date.

Could someone please explain what this means? I pray its good because I am a single mother and I haven't had a paycheck since July 9, 2014


When someone is denied initially and has to appeal they are after a reversal .. it's good new for you, so stop wondering. From what you told me .. you won and congratulation on making the wise decision to seek representation!!

However, any aggrieved party to all unemployment initial determinations have a deadline to appeal to the lower level appeal section called the tribunal .. which issues a hearing decision.

Hearing decisions are appealed in most states to a board of review.

An order, or decision from a board of review is appealed to some appellate court, or another, but at that point quasi legal administrative unemployment law .. just becomes a legal matter.

In fact unemployment decisions can and have been appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Here's a for instance when an appeal went that far .. The Java Decision

Otherwise, those approved for benefits, but whose employer appeals .. might now have to wait to collect benefits until after they win the first hearing too!!


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