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You are not entitled to benefits......untill you return to work in covered employment and earn...

by Allan

This statement by the adjudicator in regards to my case. Does this mean their is no point in an appeal on my part, because to much time has elapsed?


That is a disqualification. All states have different disqualifications which are imposed for various things.

So in Nevada, that amount would be 10 times your WBA if you quit and 15 times if you were fired.

Disqualifications can be different in how they are removed. They need to be either served, purged, or lifted.

If you check out the determination a little more closely it will have your "appeal rights" stated somewhere and it will tell you how many days from the date the determination was mailed to get your appeal in.

If you win an appeal the disqualification no longer stands because an appeal hearing takes a closer look at the situation and reverses the departments initial determination for benefits.

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