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This page is not only where I write about me, my thoughts on unemployment and those about employment in general,  but where visitor can submit unemployment stories and questions for consideration.  That is, if you don't mind having it published on the blog.

My Unemployed Past

In 2006 I was laid off from my job.  

I'd been an unemployment hearing coordinator for a cost control company and at the time of my layoff, I was on an approved FMLA leave.  

Although losing my job felt like a personal blow to my bank account,  I wasn't mad, at least not yet, at my employer for "eliminating my position".  

And being practiced at being pragmatic about unemployment, I knew enough to stay on top of a couple issues of UI law due to a couple strategies I knew my employer wasn't above using to stop benefits for other employers.

But I swear .. I still wasn't angry.

I was actually feeling a bit excited and hopeful after I began exploring for opportunities that might allow me to earn a living ..  ( I explored each day AFTER I met the minimum required job searches I maintained a detailed log for.)

Right around the time I had about six, or seven weeks of benefits left I was so sure I had found a website building solution for my non-techiness, I took the plunge and spent $299 dollars for a year of trying.  It claimed it would allow me to build a website while I learned how to do it in such a way that people interested in whatever I decided on doing .. would actually be able to find my website without me needing an advertising budget.  (Which was actually a non-existent luxury at the time).

Almost as if my former employer knew what I was up to and had mentally moved on from being unemployed, they decided it was time miraculously recreate my job, (likely due to the recession gathering steam) but instead of hiring me back as as permanent employee, they made me a temp, minus the PTO and health insurance.

Yup, this got me a little worked up .. but I still wasn't pissed as hell, that came with the realization I'd gotten suckered back in with a short term temp assignment of three months.

Although unemployment was hardly my first choice for the "niche" of my first website I decided that's what it would be about when I also realized forty hours of temp work each week was taking closer to seventy hours a week to complete.

There was no way I'd have time to make my adorable handcrafted and personalized Christmas ornaments and learn how to build a website to sell them working seventy hours a week.

But .. what if I could just practice the website how-tos while I exposed that ignorance of how unemployment law works because you prefer working for a living is not a bad thing, but in reality, it the greatest disadvantage before you quit, get fired because of what happens after you file for unemployment benefits.

Do people even know an unemployment department is actually, a quasi administrative law agency? 

As they say .. the rest is history and three years after I was recalled for a three month gig as a temp .. I quit being a temp employee and decided I would continue to work in unemployment .. but in a way I could maintain control over why I still do it.


SBI! Questions

SBI was the solution I chose in 2006 - Here's my FTC Disclosure

It's the reason why Unemployment-Tips.com receives on average 1,400 unique visitors per day .. not all of whom are unemployed, but have concerns about it nonetheless.

Got a Question or Unemployment Story for the Unemployment Appeal Blog?

Please feel free to submit your unemployment stories and questions to the Unemployment Appeal Blog below.

If your question addresses the details that are also focused on meeting, or rebutting a burden .. it will be answered and published on the blog.

It may come as a surprise to some who've read more than one of the unemployment Q&As found here, but my purpose for answering has always been to focus on relevancy to
the standard of law, the burden requires a moving party to meet.

Fact is .. even an unemployed person needs to look at whatever the burden may be with an impartial eye to see it's strengths and the weaknesses in any, to exploit, and/or guard against.

Differences exist between a burden to quit with good cause, or one that prove you were fired for misconduct.

Click here to learn more about unemployment services if you prefer to not ask questions published to a public webpage.

Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

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