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My name is Chris. I'd like it to be known, I'm the woman not the guy many assume me to be.  The wrong assumption, still baffles me.   It might have something to do with the fact I'm something of a stickler for rules, including following employer rules and meeting expectations, as an employee.

Or maybe it's that the last job I was to ever have, altered my reasoning to continue being motivated to just continue to follow blindly.

So, I guess I need to address the elephant in the room where I sit.  How I learned to collect unemployment benefits?

Until I was fifty-one and found myself laid off for the first time, I'd never thought I would need to collect benefits, but that all changed while I was on my first FMLA leave, and found out my job as a UI hearing coordinator for a UI cost control company, sometimes called a Third Party Administrator, had been eliminated.

Trust me .. I was okay with being laid off for a lack of work, but nothing that my employer did after that was okay with me in regard to my unemployment claim, or why I knew had to go back to that job as a temp employee .. for nearly three more years, until 2009 .. when good cause to quit was handed to me by that employer.

Not funny what you sometimes learn about work and by association, unemployment insurance benefits, when your job was to prep employers by the the thousands for unemployment hearings they only won .. because their opponent, the claimant knows little about how these laws work .. state by state..  

That job is the elephant.  Yet, it's also what came in handy to know and understand how to keep my own benefits safe from a process with one intent .. to deny benefits, regardless if someone quit with good cause, gets fired without it, or knows a few tricks to turn a layoff for a lack of work .. into a reason that is seen as through your own fault.

My job was the process that turned me off to the idea of being an at will employee for the entirety of what remained of my working life.

And this website?  Clearly, I've intended to help those interested in learning how to protect themselves while employed, or their own unemployment benefits .. but if you ask me .. to know how to get, or deny unemployment .. you're asking about the same thing .. an honest evaluation of how the burden plays out at the first hearing .. which is usually the last word.

U-Tips was my first effort to take an idea that grew from being personally turned off by what was expected of me as an employee.

I might still be a stickler for following reasonable employer rules, even if I never plan on working as an employee for one again.  But determining what's reasonable, or not is not something easily discernible .. if you choose to be  blind to the rules at work, and those affecting your unemployment claim.

Should you want to ask questions about what I once did for a living, or submit a new question about your job, or unemployment claim take my advice and keep your real name, or the name of any former employer, out of it, since it safe to assume  you may currently be looking for another permanent at-will job .. even in this gig based, on demand worker economy, having less resemblance to the labor markets of only a decade ago.

Why?  Because your question .. or rant, may end up on  Unemployment-Tips blog  and you never know when I might just share it on Unemployment Tip's Facebook page.

There is one other blogging submission, found here, at the bottom of the employee right tip page.


Submit Your Unemployment Questions, or a Topic .. Idea About Protecting Your Own Interests at Work

Growing up I heard, "work smart, not harder" more than I'd like to admit.
Never meant that I should be lazy and careless to complete a chore, or homework, but as a reminder that not using my own head is lazy and most of all to remind me it would still be a personal choice .. I'd have to live with that might cause regret.

Unemployment questions are similar .. as most ask about something that has already happened .. unless one is still an employee .. with some room to maneuver yet.

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