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All new questions can now be asked in one of two places.  Submitting a question, story, or  means you  not only checked the guideline box, but read them and know it is subject to review and if answered, will  appear on our public  blog .    

I  review for qualities  that  make  a question intelligible enough to answer  and that may be of  interest  to a variety of people with the same general questions as you about unemployment.

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All questions are asked from a couple possible perspectives.  

Those asked before  you quit, or get fired.

Those asked after you quit, or get fired. 

Or, once in a while those asked about me .. Chris.

About Me .. Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

If you're looking for a mission statement, my mission is to avoid making choices that make me feel ashamed of myself, both away from work and while I work.  Ultimately, this is what put me squarely on the side of advocating to employees here on Unemployment-Tips.com.

In 2006 I was laid off.  My job was coordinating all the aspects I had been trained to know as relevant, to preparing for an  unemployment appeal hearing to the ultimate benefit of the interested employer listed on the notice of hearing. 

I worked for a TPA (third party administrator), also called an unemployment cost control company, or unemployment claim management company.

Up until I was laid off, I'd been kept extremely busy with little free time to think about my choices as an at-will employee, because there were thousands of clients to serve and each one of them was a client for the soul purpose of fighting every claim for unemployment benefits..

For close to a decade, I was just one of many cogs, in a big well oiled machine of corporate indifference to real live human employees. 

So, if you think I was devastated when my position was eliminated in 2006 after an acquisition, let me assure you .. you'd be dead wrong.  

What I felt was an overpowering sense of relief wash through me.   But, the feeling didn't last long because I was shortly thereafter, recalled to the same  job same desk and the same cubicle next to same co-workers whose position hadn't been eliminated.  Funny how that can be made to works sometimes.   

The new term and conditions of employment however, was I was now to be the employee of a temp agency, bereft of all the fringe benefits I had once enjoyed as a permanent employee.. including the precious paid time and the health insurance I was using when I was laid off .. while on FMLA leave and couldn't afford the COBRA premiums to replace.

Obviously, a little free unemployed time was the wrong thing to give me.    After well over thirty years of working long, hard and to the best of my ability for a living, too much free time made me start wondering about how, I let myself get to this point, after the age of fifty .. when I was doing all I could to make sure we were set up for retirement age.

Well, they hadn't coined the phrase yet, but today they call aging employees .. legacy employees.

In 2009 after nearly three years of working as a temp employee, I knew my employer had handed me an arguable case of good cause to quit at least the three year long temp assignment I'd been on.  Ironically, it was only supposed to last for six months when I was first asked to come back. 

Quitting?  Trust me, it didn't hurt my feelings I would no longer feel like Igor to the infamous Dr. Frankenstein.   But, I hadn't just been resting on my laurels.

For the last three years I'd been doing everything in my power to set myself up to go forward without the benefit of having an employer .. or the constant guilty conscience I 'd always felt as that employee to handled Ui appeals for employers .. to simply earn a living.

Unemployment-Tips.com may not be the most valuable legacy my life will leave behind, as I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter,  an aunt, not to mention being a loyal friend first.  I'm grateful to those have those I love and care for care back for me.

They also haven't judged me harshly for preferring to march to my own drum and help one unemployed underdog, or confused employee after another with an answer, or as a job coach .. albeit a I am a different sort of job coach.

Helping claimants learn how to spin a  more effective argument out of a truthful unemployment story is what allowed me to reclaim the right to be the person I prefer to be not only while I work, but how I work and for whom because I am free to take the indifference out of the equation.

Personally, I think it is giving up on dreams formed with ideals of youth, that can turn us bitter .. and leaving this life with bitterness in my heart seems the worst possible way to go out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely grateful, for the job I had because it did teach me how unemployment really works.  

But, I'm more grateful for the unemployment experience that in 2006, prompted me to take a big leap of faith that I, a technical idiot of the enduring kind,  could/would learn, or die trying, how to build a website.  It was a scary choice I wasn't sure of, but shortly after I made it, I understood my fear was coming from ignorance I hadn't yet minimized.

Most of all, I'm grateful for the ongoing experience of life offers each day.  It's an adventure and one that has led me to an understanding that guides me each day.

All any of us are born with is choice to do what we think is right for ourselves.

This power to choose may be tempered because of the terms and conditions of your job, but your power to make choices best for you, doesn't stop just because your employer has the wrong idea about what at will employment actually means, or is ignorant of any employment law, that makes an exception to how it must work. 


Chris's Personal Blog

I set this particular blogging invitation up a long time ago to write about my journey to having a website that just so happens to be about winning unemployment appeals .. if you're the claimant.

To be completely honest, I'm not much of a writer as you might of already noticed. And it seems I definitely have a problem writing about myself .. unless someone drops a question on me and it's as if I become a broken vending machine spitting out redundant answers.

Well, I'm over the redundancy part, but I'm still intrigued and have a hard time resisting intelligent questions of a general nature about how unemployment is working, or isn't working for you.

Of course if you're still employed you should submit your question here.

Or, if you really want to know more about me, you can ask, I'll be happy to explain me as well as possible for anyone to explain what they know, about who they are, or why I do, what I choose to do now.

Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

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