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My name is Chris (female form of the nickname) and undoubtedly, a highly opinionated woman to boot.

I decided to omit my last name for the same reason I advise those who want to make a post for the blog to not include information that could personally identify them.  

The just in case scenarios I imagined (same as foresight) while I still had valid personal finance reasons and subsequently, unemployment benefit insurance reasons and most of all, a real need to obtain another at-will employment relationship.

All I know for certain about myself now that I'm ten years older, is I'm not immune,  like most reasonable people, to being susceptible to learning again and again, an old lesson about life in general.  Hindsight really is 20/20.

Ten years goes by fast, as did the time before after I first wondered if I could/should at least try to find out, if I was capable of building a small business website.

It seemed a reasonable first step, that might eventually be required before I could leave the box I kept myself confined to all my working life.  The box was only being the employee who always seemed to be able to deal with what was thrown at her well during an at-will employment relationship .. which was also, always covered by unemployment insurance.

I've learned a lot about my failings .. old and new.  One being I am destined to be always the technically, and graphically challenged individual I started out being.  I can no longer allow myself to drive at night .. primarily for the safety of others on the road ... and not because I drink too much for those whose minds might track like my own.

Some days, I do think however, drinking might be a good excuse to explain why I went ahead and decided to practice the basics of building a website, by writing about what I knew from a job in the field of controlling unemployment benefits costs for employers .. only from the other side of the typical appeal arguments.

Yet, most day it still feels like the only natural, convenient and morally correct choice I could make .. while I tried to learn how to finally write more than "I am fine, how are you".

But hindsight is usually  20/20 and well ..  let me just say, it would be safe to assume I've always seen the whole concept of winning, or losing an unemployment hearing as the fence down the middle of right and wrong.

If I hadn't taken the jump to one side, or the other of that fence as quickly as I did in 2006,  I'm pretty sure I would of made a different choice and pursued one of the alternate ideas ideas I was considering to be my first try at a website.

It might of even been one with a better capacity for creating a sustained income.  One not reliant on a mega recession plagued by workforce cleansing, prior to an official downsizing date.   One more simply in pursuit of conquering my personal learning curve by putting a smile on that face of yours .. rather than those questions marks carved into that space between eyebrows when someone mentions .. it's about law, rules, regulations precedents that all vary by state.

Whew .. sounds like I might like to make speeches, but I don't.  In fact the fear of speaking to more than one .. maybe two people at a time is why I stayed a hearing coordinator instead of moving on and becoming  a non-attorney hearing rep.   But if you were to ask my husband, he'd tell you I know how to jump up on a soapbox .. when I feel strongly about something.

We all know why we choose to do what we do as an employee.  But it can be just as important to know why we choose what we do when an employer doesn't have the authority, or the legal ground to stand on to do what they do to us.  And I say this knowing most don't work for the pure joy of working, but the paycheck that is frequently held hostage by bullies and other types of unreasonable bosses that make some employees feel as if just doing their job to the best of their ability is a fair trade-off if it also causes you to deflate the importance of your own personal values.

Yet this often is the internal conflict of an employee long before they want to quit, or fear getting fired.

Would I have ever gotten completely comfortable doing my job that had me feeling like I was taking complete advantage of employees mistakes that did matter to how they might win a hearing?

In 2009, that became a question and the choice I made based on argumentative foresight to avoid as much regretful hindsight as possible for myself.

So, with this said about who I wish to be,  here's my poorly written job/unemployment stories.  (Even I get tips from grammar cops) But that doesn't keep me from hoping some will still be able to find some value that helps them to ask better framed questions about acurrent employment situation, or why foresight works much better than hindsight to affect change after the first and usually last appeal at a tribunal unemployment hearing. 

If you have a story about working for a living .. then do tell.  And no, it really doesn't need to be relevant to how unemployment might work .. because even unemployment knows we have some rights in the workplace it can't ignore when we do the preemptive  employee thing ..  better.


Stories About Working Smarter

I am trying to control the redundant free basic unemployment questions and advice I give, since my belief is one still benefits by improving their odds of winning through professional unemployment representation, or coaching.

Unemployment Tips after all, is a .com, not a .org. And there are just to many question about UI when someone is still an at-will employee, or employer, that could be better served from an active, or preemptive perspective of problem resolution that would help avoid ending at-will jobs .. that also end up being found without any good cause rising to the standard of law unemployment insurance laws expect .. after the fact, or an employee rights law that was being violated.

When an employee works smarter, they often perform better, but they also know how to protect themselves better from those other employees who might just be acting as an agent on the authority given by the entity employer.

Workplace story? Do you love it .. or deal with it .. or ignore what's going on?

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