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My name is Chris Hendricks and this was how I felt on the day I decided to learn how to build a website.

I want to laugh easy, cry hard and live long enough to prosper and plan an escape from the weight of my dying dreams.

If I'm going to be honest with myself, that is what was at the core I felt squashing the life out of me as an employee.

Oh wait .. you probably want to know why I decided it was time to learn how to make a living on my own .. without benefit of an at-will employer, or the unemployment insurance benefits they hold the policy on.

Well here's that .. my unemployment story about my job in unemployment insurance.  

Frankly, I'm glad unemployment benefits for myself again is now just a distant memory.

I only wish more unemployed people would practice getting and staying out of their own way when pursuing their dreams of being self reliant and self controlling.

But it's ironic, just a minor refocusing and willigness to find a better way for me to apply all that I learned while working for an employer, was all it took to pump some oxygen .. mixed with a little helium into my suffocating dreams after fifty one years - thirty-six of them as someone's employee.

A little air to breathe, come to find out also, gave me a lift and the smidgen of courage I needed to finally speak some of my real mind about how unemployment benefits actually work.

That it was often a squeaky voice, or hand delivering the information, turned out to be the point of contention I couldn't argue with.  While others, more direct and visceral wishing death by diarrhea  just provided more motivation to leave my comfort zone again and again and oddly that is what kept making my box a bit bigger with each passing day.. 

Things have changed around here Unemployment-Tips.com in the last seven and half years.  

That's how long it's been since I  mustered the nerve to begin practicing building a website not knowing what to expect, or if I could even do it.   For almost three years this website took shape page after page and most after I was recalled to work as a temp appeal hearing consultant.   I just kept on sharing, one question at a time.

Until that is, the temporary day job came to it's conclusion in 2009 and I hit a crossroad.  To keep collecting benefits, or to set myself free and stop collecting so I could move forward unhindered by conditional eligibility requirements.

After a talk with my husband .. free it would be .. yippee!

Of course I don't feel as alone as I did back then in 2009.   I was however actively advocating via free Q&As and actively coaching employees for hearings for a small fee that ended up being less than minimum wage when all was said and done.

Now, I'm thankful each day I do have working relationships with a handful of experienced and savvy unemployment hearing reps and other types of unemployment professionals to bring much need representation and coaching services to the unemployed people who do not qualify for free legal assistance .. because they made too much money.  

But the most important thing about me, at least to me isn't that I know something about unemployment appeals and it's benefits.

It's that I finally have proof  dreams are for more than ignoring, even while you work for someone else.  In fact once you begin work on a dream it becomes a tangible goal that helps you see the day you can quit and not worry about being able to collect unemployment.  

Dreams are just that, until you begin in earnest to work on achieving the idea of one.  

No matter what your age, as long as you're not opposed to hard work and determination, you can develop earning potential that fits the truth the way you see it for yourself.

Being self employed only means you have chosen to take back the power to direct, control and hand tailor your earning potential, to meet your own expectation of yourself. 

Here's to keeping our dreams alive and not being afraid to work hard to make them come true.

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Employees Anonymous

After thirty-six years, I was addicted to the idea that the only way to work, is to work for someone else.

But, my job experience (coordinating UI appeal hearings for employers) taught me why being an at-will employee had for me, become the most untenable situation a person could willingly put themselves in, unless one lucks out and finds an employer offering a good living and basic respect for the people that drive their business.

What do we think happens when a bottom line indicates a workforce reduction is order? First, there will likely be a push to find ways to reduce human resource numbers through some fault of their own.

In 2006 when I was laid off, I'd finally realized it wasn't enough for me to personally know how to counter react to an employer to protect myself and my possibility of getting benefits.

It might of been age that made me realize I wanted/needed more from this life than just a weekly paycheck that came at an acceptable cost to some of my more personal goals I had for this one life. That no amount of money can actually buy the goals I had in mind was not lost on me.

My dream .. my goal .. to live AND work for a living in such a way that wouldn't deplete me of having any hope to make my life better with fewer regrets of ignoring my basic values.

But, I couldn't just quit my job, however, I could protect my job until I finally felt prepared to let loose of the crutch .. and finally move forward on my own.

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A Dream of Self Employment to Live By

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