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My name is Chris Hendricks.  I am not an unemployment attorney and I'm definitely , not a man as many of my own sex mistake me for .. before they hear my voice.

I am however, a former employee of unemployment cost control companies and my job was to coordinate  all the things that go into improving a win after the first unemployment appeal hearing for employers.  

My essential job junctions included identifying and preparing essential first hand witnesses, gathering essential documents to support their testimony, making requests to state unemployment agencies.

And at the top of the list .. contracting the independent hearing rep (usually a non-attorney also) to send the file and witness contact information to so they would be represented .. effectively, at the first hearing.

I had way more IC hearing reps on my "do not use" list than those I knew had at least a 75/25 win loss ratio.

Doing that job for close to a decade not only showed me how unemployment works in reality, but it literally changed my perspective about the wisdom of being someone's at-will employee .

While I was an employee my gratitude for a job came through with my personal drive to do my best, as verified by performance review when/if they were given.  However, fear of losing my job for business reasons, or personal motives of a boss were dealt with by knowing I had power in the relationship .. if somewhat limited by employee rights.

I was never more grateful for that job, than after I voluntarily quit it  though.

If there is one thing unemployment insurance forced me to think about, it was to try to find out why so many employees ignore the fact that before unemployment benefits ever come into play,  they either have the ability to document with reason and/or employment laws that protect employees and their jobs from those who can be just as ignorant of those laws, and or believe the workplace is their personal kingdom and subordinates are indentured servants.

Clearly, if you read a few Q&As about unemployment benefits, you know I have lots to say that derives from learning how employee rights that serve and protect an employees best interest first being possibly crucial to getting benefits after the employment has ended.

Yet, my perspectives about at-will workplaces is flexible and objective because I know weird things can and do happen and weird comes from both employers and employees.

Like they say, however, there is two sides to every story.

And I know that one side of the  unemployment story usually has a built-in document wall to protect the employer's best interest .

While the other, the claimant's story, is  more often, an undocumented emotional appeal for mercy and having little, to nothing to do with proving, or rebutting a  burden to prove good cause.

This is why this site exists .. just in case some employees are actually looking for a different perspective about unemployment benefits .. and how that may be connected to your responsibility to yourself while you're an employee ... vs. confirmation that two wrongs make a right.


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Question Our At-Will Employee Fears, Ignorance, and ATTITUDES

I've been asked questions about unemployment insurance benefits and the only answer I could think to give, had very little to do with UI law and a lot to do with with a goal for this site.

An at-will employee wake-up call. Why do employees give away the little power they have to control the things about their employment they have a right to control? That's my question.

I know it's common to work in fear of losing a job in spite of all you do to try to hold on to a job .. only to lose it anyway. I just don't get the choice to not fight .. when the fight is fought and then tell me .. you didn't know you could do anything.

It's also common for some employees to be passive-aggressive in their behavior at work. However, I tend to lose patience (more often privately) when they refuse, beyond all reason, to give up insisting they have a right to deny, deny, deny their own culpability when the choice to behave passive-aggressive at work should be staring back at them in the mirror.

A good question rarely leads to just one definitive answer, but quite frequently a good question will lead to better and better and more detailed questions.

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