About Me  and the Unemployment Tips

It's 2015 and now that things have slowed down it's time to update this about me page.

My name, at least for the purpose of offering unemployment tips about how to collect unemployment has always been and will always be Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

In 2006, after being laid off from my job, I decided that for myself, I was going to learn how to build a website come hell, or high water ..

Hell, or high water.. merely because anything sounding too technical, is something I still tend to avoid when possible.

But, the real question for me .. is how did  I end up practicing the how tos of building a website .. about unemployment, instead of the hobby I once enjoyed and wished I could focus on for a website.

As fortune would have it, I was recalled to my old job as an unemployment appeal/hearing consultant for a third party administrator, i.e., one of those unemployment cost control company.

You know, one of those things I'm always harping about in the Q&As.

And if you don't know about the dangers of refusing suitable work when offered while collecting benefits .. you should become aware.

I ended up working seventy hours a week as a benefitless temp employee with little time left time for a hobby .. let alone the time to write about one .. including pictures to demonstrate.  

My former job had become a horrible job.  Over the next two and half, years as a temp staffing employee my job was as a cog in the purpose of grinding as many people out of their benefits as possible to reduce the cost of unemployment insurance for any employer .. trying only to avoid laying people off for a lack of work. 

In the end the free articles  and the unemployment Q&As were what I did in my free time .. all created because I couldn't sleep at night.

In 2009, I quit my job with good cause ..

But, the thing is, I think being unemployed sucks and I explained to my husband why I had to give up those benefits to even begin offering coaching and eventually. referrals to some of the same independent professional hearing reps I once worked with to earn some money to keep this site going.

And amazingly .. I was able to sleep at night once more .. and earn a little doe each month since.

Go figure .. I haven't had to live in a canvas tent, or forage for those nuts and berries yet.


Surviving Beyond Unemployment

Are you Working Stiff or Working Freely and At Will?

What do you believe every employee has that also gets them hired?

Clearly for some it's going to be their specific and in demand skills to do a job few are trained to do .. despite the fact that as a person, they display little evidence of possessing interpersonal skills required to work well with others.

Could it be the real problems with being an employee today have more to do with what is easily ignored in people because the skills they possess are the only thing someone hiring an employee seems vested in identifying about the job candidate.

My opinion is that when companies hire people they should be more, if not just as much vested in what a person's actual personal values are first because even skilled and top performing employees can cause more harm than they do good for the culture of work that allows for all employees to feel valued within the processes of doing business.

Sounds like someone, maybe even you, has an opinion about working for a living in the real world .. go figure.

Come on .. don't be scared to let go .. I don't even require you to tell me your name .. even if it's Anonymous.

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