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Hi, my name is Chris Hendricks.

My life as an employee, was filled with issues of unemployment insurance as an employee with the title that meant I coordinated unemployment appeals for employers.

Specifically, I assisted employers with an initial assessment of the merits of an appeal and then went about coordinating the efforts that were necessary to win the hearings of my employer's clients in all fifty states.

In my opinion, the most important part of the job was choosing the best independent hearing rep with an open slot in their schedule .. who would argue the hell out of any employer's position at that first level appeal hearing.

But, my job was a fine one to have when the time came for me to personally be on my toes  for every trick, not in the book.

Unfortunately training you, a claimant, to understand how I was trained to see how unemployment works would be a repetitive process I endured that you can't afford not to get paid for seventy five percent of the time.

And the same held true for me when I was laid off in 2006 while on an approved family medical leave of absence.

Being an At-Will Employee With Limited Control Was My Staus Quo 

Frankly, there is nothing to thank, but the job for the fact I no longer wanted to accept my own status quo of being an at-will employee.  

And this site is not a product of "if you can't beat'em .. join'em",  crossing my mind because I would rather work digging ditches than have to control employees .. who act up and are in fact, often the reason another employee loses their job through no fault of their own .. and then can't prove it.

Nope, Unemployment-Tips.com was in the beginning, just a place to share what I did know .. while I practiced learning how to build websites, thinking I would one day be able to quit a job .. and make the proverbial money online.

Well 2009 changed all that and here I sat with a website that was getting boatloads of free traffic .. and I thought .. I wonder if I could go from a practice site costing me two hundred and ninety-nine dollars a year .. to making me $299 dollars a month.

As they say .. the rest is history and yes .. you can, with hard work, make $299 dollars a month from a website ..

Even more when you can overcome some people's skepticism who still have money to spend .. with some respectful, but frank talk about winning unemployment appeals.

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Work Smarter - Learning the Benefits of Not Ignoring Our Collective Employee Rights

Employees tend to think remaining silent and inactive on the employee rights front will enable them to preserve the status quo and remain employed.

Well, sometimes you have to know when it's time to rock the boat when you have no control to make your boss see reason. And it doesn't matter who you call boss .. be it another employee of the company, or the owner of the company.

We have a number of basic employee rights which should not only be of concern to us when we work as an at-will employee, but to those who believe being the boss makes them invincible enough to ignore the concept of employee rights legal compliance.

Still employed?

Have a question about something you're experiencing at work that doesn't seem quite reasonable?

Here's the rules for submitting a question .. or a story about your job.

1. No full names
2. No personal contact information
3. Well written, at minimum, coherent
4. Must still have a job
5. Name of state you work in must be included
6. I reserve the right to edit a submission
if I think I can make it read better.

Is Chris a control freak?

Maybe, but this is my workplace .. and since I'm the only one who works here .. I think it's okay.

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