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My name is Chris and once upon time, I coordinated unemployment appeal hearings for an unemployment cost control company.  My job consisted of evaluating the burden and then contracting independent unemployment hearing reps as needed for a large overflow of first level unemployment phone hearings, in person hearings, and those hearings requiring even the employer, to be represented by an actual .. unemployment attorney .. because the state's administrative rules of procedure .. said so.

I believe an individual is a amalgamation of their own interpretations of personal life and work experiences.  

I also believe the lessons we learn from those experiences, ultimately, become a sort of evidence, of what our own personal beliefs and value system consists of. 

Ultimately, I zeroed in on answering claimant questions, because I'd already found myself guilty of adopting beliefs and values prevalent and evident in the place where I worked, or at least had direct knowledge of what really happened in other workplace cultures of the clients I served, that shouldn't of boded as well for an employer denying benefits .. as it usually did.

The guilt came from just knowing that so many unemployed people, only found the courage to complain about what was happening to them at work, after they quit, or got fired.  But ultimately  learned,  that what unemployment law is really interested in is a story that also proves what happened while they worked that attains a rather mysterious notion of good cause to quit, whereas  misconduct at least has a definition for guidance. 


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How Can an Individual Work Smarter to Avoid Causing Harm to Their Own Best Interest?

The one thing an employee and an employer may have in common is the right to understand how unemployment law may literally, work it's magic on the at-will employment relationship when either ignores how they could of made it work before that relationship ends.

The baseline is that UI laws, expect all in the workplace have a desire to perform to the best of their individual ability while they meet the standards of behavior an employer really should have the right to expect .. at least after that was prescribed in an employee handbook.

Employees ..that book doesn't just contain reasonable workplace rules you must comply with, but what you can reasonably do for your own protection as well as reasonably expect from an employer in response.

But workplaces are in fact, isolated mini- societies, as diverse as the unique human beings that fill them to make a culture of work .. good, or bad, when allowed by those in control at the top.

My question to those who are currently an employee and of course, those who now must comply with state unemployment job search rules to maintain continuing eligibility has less to do with how law governing employment should work .. and more to do with why we avoid making things work as they should if standards of behavior still mean something on a personal level.

Have you ever witnessed another forced to make a choice, or felt this way yourself, to suspend and ignore your right to continue striving to be, the good person you think you are when away from work?

And if you can connect your answer to how it might of affected unemployment benefits, or an employee right.. all the better.

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