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Maybe all you need to know is that Unemployment-Tips.com decidedly exists, to help an unemployed person understand how unemployment insurance benefits work in reality today vs. why and how it worked in days of yore when the very idea of it was a hard won political solution to economic and a devastating environmental disaster of the great depression years that was basically, attached to the Social Security Act of 1935.

Well, nearly a century later, millions of Americans now have a different sort of unemployment insurance experience to tell about than those who lived through the great depression .. including me.  

Yet, if your experience and  family stories are anything like mine, hardship is never a good excuse to not be productive.  

In the end, I do this because sometimes,  human strength and drive needs a leg up and human frailty is often only recognized in ourselves when we notice it in someone else. 

But,  I'll tell you one thing for sure, I would be happy as a clam if all states were required to fully explain, or at least provide the resources that could explain .. how unemployment law is supposed to work still .. today.

But few do.

If you want to know why I think those of you with a winnable case for benefits should never go unrepresented, or at the very least, unprepared, to a first level unemployment hearing especially now ..

It's history once again, that can teach us valuable lessons if we only become outraged enough to see how the terms and conditions of laboring for a living in this country are going backwards.

I'm not sure why we would want to slip backwards in the at-will employment game.  

Maybe it's become a collective tendency to project apathy as a sign we can't be hurt .. because we don't care.  

Whatever it is, I knew I couldn't keep ignoring what I saw wrong with me any longer .. to just be that employee who always felt like I couldn't not refuse to do what it took to do my job well .. regardless of what it might of cost me in spirit to ignore hard facts.

Take for instance the recent history of the yearly unemployment benefit recipiency statistics (percentage of the total unemployed who received unemployment benefits) from 2000 - 2013.  (You can compare these years prior years records reaching back to 1976.)

  • 2000 - 36 percent  of all unemployed people received unemployment benefits
  • 2001 - 43 ( recession year)
  • 2002 - 42 (recession year)
  • 2003 - 40 (recession year)
  • 2004 - 36 (recovery year)
  • 2005 - 34
  • 2006 - 35
  • 2007 - 36
  • 2008 - 37 ( recession began at end of the year)
  • 2009 - 40 ( great recession goes into full swing)
  • 2010 - 30 ( Recovery year? Really?)
  • 2011 - 26 (All better now?)
  • 2012 - 26
  • 2013 - 25 percent of the total unemployed received benefits.   But are recipiency rates back to pre-recession normals yet?)

Heck no, so the question would be why?

How about fewer jobs = fewer unemployment taxes paid by employers who were allowed to outsource jobs and get a great big income tax loophole in the bargain. 

I didn't decide to try to explain how unemployment works because I believe all unemployed people deserve to get benefits.   In fact if the truth be told .. I detested the idea of unemployment so much that I decided to work for myself .. even if I didn't make minimum wage for as long as it took to earn enough to satisfy me. 

I decided to write about UI to claimants ..  because I believe those who should legitimately be allowed to collect benefits .. deserve to have some inkling about how to do that and how it is choosing to remain ignorant that becomes a strategy the other side can use against them.

And working unemployment is not the only thing I take exception to with how the balance of power in the labor and industry sector is currently looking for our children and grandchildren aka .. the  next generation of at-will employees in the United States.

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Questions Are a Good Thing

Questioning why is one of the seven steps to thinking like a lawyer and is an important step to not miss when deciding for yourself if you can win an unemployment hearing.

Yet, this is not the only place, or time one needs to use the "technique" of asking questions that begin with why. It's the whys in my life that have led me to making better choices for my own life which is right now, how.. whom I choose to work for.

I feel like I have survived all my years so far, with my eyes wide open to the good, the bad, and my least favorite .. ugly indifference.

I am thankful I never stopped asking why, because that is the question I believe gives me insight to see all three of those things within myself.

And in the end, the courage to change what I think needs to be changed .. about me.

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