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About Me - Chris .. 

Tell about me?  Ugh .. feels the same as trying to write a resume .. for an at-will job .. I hope I never find myself having to go search for again.

I'm not at all comfortable sharing with everyone who finds this website. Believe it or not, some have made unfounded, unsupported totally off basew comments about my character .. merely because of the position I take when I write about the efforts to meet .. or not rebut the burden of proof.

Frankly, it was knowing there is a burden to prove facts .. attached to every unemployment claim that gave rigse to the buried questions, that caused me to begin looking for suitable answers in 2006.

I wonder though if it had all happened differently if I would of felt forced, to jump up on this soapbox in favor of the approximated thirty-five percent denied benefits questionably .. after the first unemployment hearing was over.

It took some time for me to recognize the problems I was having outside and away from work existed within myself .. right along side the answers I just kept ignoring..

I concluded right  before I was asked to come back to the job I'd been laid off from that it was me who was sinking my own standards and expectations to continue earning a living as a good employee, but only because I knew not doing so, would of spelled the end of unemployment benefits.    

But that is precisely what I did right after I began returned to being an unemployment hearing coordinator and "to the best of my ability", because I do like to eat and pay my bills on time.

Whose fault could that choice be .. even if I believed I would have to keep willingly, working down to meet the best my employer expected from me .. even if I couldn't squeeze a drop of merit from a  client's unemployment appeal and later learned the claimant lost because of what they also didn't know about how unemployment insurance can actually be made to work for .. or against whatever the burden to prove might be.

It's a struggle for any employee to  separate their own self survival instincts from those of a business entity, or organization they work for.

I for one, knew my  'highfalutin' ideals (often a PITA) reasonably played second fiddle in the at-will relationship vs. those standards and expectations an employer has a right to expect, whether the business entity is small, medium, or big .. big .. too big to fail.

This is not to say I don't also have empathy for those employers I often ignore in the Q&As .. because the appeal fight doesn't materialize.

Many businesses, understand first the gravity of the at-will employment bargain for an employee and employer alike. It can be a delicate balancing act to maintain the workplace culture and the integrity of multiple at-will relationship through responsible actions meant to resolve issues and problems.  Yet many don't see, or acknowledge the singular responsibility an employer can choose to meet when they cut an employee loose from employment without arguable merits for an ability to initially receive benefits.

I believe all states should require an employer to provide "complete separation information  in response to the notice .. not just the few that do  .. such as Kansas.

I was inspired by my own aversion to the very thing I fell in in line with at work.  All the tactical and strategic pondering that rose past the cap of how law can work to rise to a level I can only describe as being blatant indifference  and disregard of facts as they relate to something called real merits causing an appeal to of been filed in the first place.

By the way .. It's individual employers who pay for those benefits you may end up collecting.  They pay state insurance premiums (or the UI taxes paid on each individual employee's wages) to cover the payment of benefits when an at will employment relationship doesn't work out through no fault of the individual .. as well as a federal unemployment tax used primarily for the operational grants sent to each state to run the federal/state unemployment insurance partnership. 

Chris - is  a misspelling of my real nickname (it's the female form) minus a last name in an effort to preserve my personal ability to get a job when I still needed one in 2006 and decided to write about how to collect unemployment by using my prior job experience prepping and coordinating unemployment appeal hearings.

It was the job that made me want to be self employed.

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It's been ten years.  I learned I was capable of understanding how to get free traffic vs. learning how to actually build a website that get few to no visitors.

Although I was no stranger to preparing for and expecting to deal with glitches in the unemployment process, such as the subsequent informational letters from the cost control company I worked for, I really wasn't prepared to go back to the job they had eliminated, when the mega-recession and the employer's expectations I once worked, got worse when the temp agency's sub par expectations became something comparable to a bad joke repeated on an unending loop.

It's never going to be the need to work for a living that bothers me about at-will employment.  It's all the arbitrariness, unilateral convenience of rules and policies employees often ignore in the written employer's standards of behavior and expectations as a means to distinguish the good, from the the bad workplaces that can make even the ugly stand out as the very thing that hurts the party with employee rights.  

So, here's a question .. why ignore the rights that protect you while you work if that can be what  helps you to garner the weight you need to argue as a similar reasonable under similar circumstances .. before losing a job through no fault of your own. legal disclaimer - for anyone who thinks my choice to advocate to claimants, on the subject of getting unemployment insurance benefits, supports the veracity of claims I don't have the good sense it takes to think like another  "similar reasonable person" .


Working Smarter

I am attempting to control the redundancy of the basic free unemployment advice I've already provided by providing a different opportunity to blog about below.

If you need help winning an appeal, please see the UI hearing services page.

I would like to give some credit to my dad, or maybe your own, who may of given you the same job advice.. "Don't work harder, work smarter." The adage is applicable from the beginning of a job, to end goal, when it works to improve a party's odds of winning an unemployment appeal hearing.

What shouldn't be ignored while an employee, is it is when you accept a job, you have virtually been assigned a basic responsibility to use foresight to protect yourself

Employee rights aren't a convenient excuse for why a job was ended, whether true, or not .. unless we exercise our responsibility to use a right, as a means to protect ourselves as an employee.

In this regard, I knew I was lucky to be an employee with the job opportunity of acquiring and using those basic powers of precognition about how unemployment law can be expected to work.

Below is a blogging invitation to anyone who wants to discuss the terms and conditions of working at-will, or the culture of work, we all know can make jobs we love to do.. difficult to stay engaged with.

And, if you don't mind, I'll use it to discuss lesser relevant and more personal points and things I learned about on the job. In was some of the lesser and irrelevant to a burden of proof things, that caused a fundamental shift to my basic philosophy about working for a living to open a big dream frontier to imagine a livelihood without at will being a doctrine in front of a "job".

Knowing how UI worked is what allowed me to recognize a temp employer handed me good cause to quit, and to recognize they had further complicated their own case when they based a subsequent discharge on that good cause to quit a temp assignment. But, it was dreaming of a better way for suitable work and myself to co-exist without conflict that I decided to even learn how to build a website in 2006.

And that it was dreaming that finally allowed me to disengage permanently .. from being an at-will employee makes me feel like I did the right thing .. no matter what the outcome of that hearing the temp agency lost .. might of been.

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