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About Chris .. 

I'm an average woman. ( I say this only because I'm tired of being assumed to be a man).

I was strongly motivated in 2006, to free myself from feelings of "guilt by association" derived from just doing my job, but like most, I've always worked for a living.

Until the day I was laid off from my job working for an unemployment insurance cost control company.

I wasn't broken hearted as my first step might prove.  

I decided there was not time like the present to see if I could learn how to build a website.  I decided to explain to employees how unemployment insurance benefits actually work in the United States .. from the perspective of the job I did as more a matter of convenience .. since I had tons of bookmarks that helped me to improve on the type of training my employer provided .. osmosis.

Ten years later Unemployment-Tips is still here because people just kept asking questions and I just kept answer them for free .. at least until I quit the same job I was laid off from.

It's an understatement to say what began as a simple minded plan to share what I learned while an unemployment appeal hearing coordinator for UI cost control companies .. took on a life of it's own that made any decision to kill it when the end of the recession made it obsolete ..  no longer an option.

But  personal unemployment benefits stories aside, I never, nor should you, forget .. benefits are only to those who look for work and accept suitable work.

Can I help it .. if what was suitable work for me .. just felt personally wrong for me, to still be doing in 2009?

2009 .. the year I began coaching other unemployed people .. for a fee (which actually made me self employed).  Believe me, I made sure, it would be clear I had foregone the remaining balance of benefits I had left .. after I was found to of voluntarily quit the same job that got me here .. 

There's good questions to be asked about how unemployment benefits work for independent contractors and other types of self employment .. the answer is usually .. very carefully when in conjunction with each other .. of course it's a state by state question like most.

I have substantial website traffic 

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Here is legal disclaimer because I'm not an attorney.

Then again,  most states allow non-attorneys to practice unemployment law .. since we're only discussing quasi-legal administrative law even an inexperienced unemployed person, is expected to know how to practice for themselves.

Irony?  I don't believe it is.


Working Smarter

Growing up I heard, work smarter, not harder, more than either one of my parent would of wished.

I got the message .. which literally grows tentacles to also think about and learn from

But the message always began with simple words, "It's so important to keep learning. Even if that means evaluating your mistakes and those others make .. intentionally, or otherwise for the lessons to avoid future troubles in the first place.

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