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My name is Chris Hendricks.  I'm a woman.    I only tell you this because it's been known to surprise some people who have called me.

Could it be .. you came to the conclusion of which sex I am .. only because I   might sound on paper...  less emotional about what happens at work .. than you?

Well, I'm not less emotional because   I can get as worked up today when I hear someone  story about their job as I did sitting in my cubicle putting together appeal files for the employers .. whose stories i also listened to.  

It is because of the latter side of the story, I know there are many unemployed people who  "a day late and a dollar short",  will be applicable to their unemployment appeal strategy.

I am a former unemployment hearing coordinator.    And this is my unemployment story.

Clearly,  at the end of this job working for a UI cost control company  I was grateful for what I'd learned about unemployment insurance, albeit, through the lens of how unemployment appeals are used by employers to reduce the cost of paying for unemployment benefits .

However,  there came a moment in 2009, after the employer's appeal to the board of review was dismissed, I heard myself say those two words I can't seem to bring myself to write  here ...  F***  IT

I tossed aside whatever benefits I had remaining and really did go to work  to turn unemployment-tips.com into something like a business for those who realize, they should be represented .. just like their employers.

Writing about unemployment benefits wasn't exactly what I dreamed of doing when I told my husband I'd rather sleep in a tent and forest for nuts and berries than work for another at-will employer.

Since then, I've only slept in a tent when camping .. something I love to do.  

I've also learned since that moment, I do not regret making a choice  on faith that I could be self employed and feel good about what I work at .. as well as play at. 

I was fifty-one years old when I wrote the first page for this site about unemployment.  I was  fifty-four when I decided no more benefits, or  at-will employers  for me.

I am just about fifty-nine today and the question that still plagues me .. is why it took me so long to live life on my own terms and my own goals.

Goals for me, might include selling adorable personalized Christmas ornaments I make and writing about our travels to some very special places in close proximity to our home in western Colorado.

The real job in our lives .. is living one to the best of our abilities.

How about you, what would you be doing now, if you decided today to begin the  work of achieving what you want out of, and  for your own life?

Employees Anonymous - The Habit of Dreaming.

They say when you have a passion for something and it earns you a living too, you never work.

You're going to have to take me at my word when I tell you, unemployment insurance benefits is not the passion that drove me to learn how to build a website, or motivated me to keep practicing how-to by yapping about getting unemployment benefits.

What drove me was the desire to not have to be an at-will employee covered under the FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) by the time I reached retirement age.

If I'd had the money to do what I love to do back in 2007 when I decided to purchase the domain name Unemployment-Tips.com and practice .. You'd now be on a website buying cute and adorable handmade personalized Christmas ornaments twenty at a time to take care of half your list.

There .. proof I am a woman .. frugal and practical, but still, not afraid to dream for the future.

And on a practical matter if you are currently looking for a job .. or think you might have to .. you should be anonymous because too many employers don't want employees with a mind of their own .. even when they are outside of the work culture and environment.

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Anonymous Employee Dreams, Plans and Yes, Negative Thoughts

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