About Me as Chris-Unemployment-Tips.com

Chris is my name although I shortened and changed the spelling of it when I decided to make the Unemployment Tips for claimants in 2006.

That was the year I found myself laid off from my job as a lowly unemployment appeal hearing coordinator .. while I was out on an approved FMLA leavek and had this overwhelming thought it was time for me at least, to find a different way to survive the future than only limit myself to being the at-will employee I'd been for the last thirty-odd years.

There is no denying that it was personal experience doing what I did for a special type of employer called a TPA, or third party unemployment claim management company, drove my decision to slant the tips for the benefit of a claimant arguing for benefits.

Of course it didn't hurt that although laid off, (jargon for a lack of work claim) my employer actually tried a couple tried and true tactics to deny my unemployment benefits by using a couple underlying issues of UI law.  But, I wasa able and available to work and I DID NOT refuse a legitimate offer of SUITABLE WORK.

Frankly, I know I am asking people to do something difficult under the often trying circumstances of being unemployed, but when I advise  to set aside personal feelings, my intent is to urge a person to use objectivity and focus on how unemployment law is argued by employers to create the circumstances of a job separation perceived as the fault of the unemployed person .. who could very well have a valid counter argument to use.

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