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About Me.. Personally

Hi, my name is Chris Hendricks.  Although fairly opinionated in general,  it only means I can't  avoid being a stranger having to admit when I'm wrong .

But, if I ever lose my ability to  think  for myself and what I believe is in my own best interest including changing how I think about something .. it will be time to throw in the towel. 

Yet, there is no denying  has decidedly existed for eight years to help employees trying to get unemployment benefits and although I don't believe all employees should collect benefits .. I also know for many, it's only because they don't know how unemployment works .. before they lose their job.  

The  job that gave me a working knowledge of how unemployment insurance works was a long stint as an employee .. coordinating unemployment appeal hearings for some of those third party UI administrators working for employer best interests. 

Although I often didn't feel conflicted while preparing employer witnesses and their evidence, the repetitious exercise presented daily,  little known things, you probably won't find on an official state UI website.   

But, the thing I've never figured out .. is why, knowing what I did about those things, I hung onto that job as if it were a personal relationship .. gone bad.

At least until the day I became the  dumpee, and not the dumper I was still trying to figure out how to become.   

The ultimate goal of my job was to coordinate employer efforts for the final showdown I refer to as the first unemployment appeal hearing .. and then I contracted professional hearing reps who improved their odds of winning even if you might of won, based upon the merits. 

Not that I am of a mind  a business bottom line is a bad thing to look out for but ..... why not do something similar for the claimant in the matter?

Plenty of former employees now have an unemployment story to tell similar to mine, but with a different benefit outcome entirely, simply because they didn't have the opportunity I did as an employee to learn how it is an employee can affect the outcome.

Unemployment Hearing Representation 

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SBI! Questions

Question Our At-Will Employee Fears, Ignorance, and ATTITUDES

I've been asked questions about unemployment insurance benefits and the only answer I could think to give, had very little to do with UI law and a lot to do with with a goal for this site.

An at-will employee wake-up call. Why do employees give away the little power they have to control the things about their employment they have a right to control? That's my question.

I know it's common to work in fear of losing a job in spite of all you do to try to hold on to a job .. only to lose it anyway. I just don't get the choice to not fight .. when the fight is fought and then tell me .. you didn't know you could do anything.

It's also common for some employees to be passive-aggressive in their behavior at work. However, I tend to lose patience (more often privately) when they refuse, beyond all reason, to give up insisting they have a right to deny, deny, deny their own culpability when the choice to behave passive-aggressive at work should be staring back at them in the mirror.

A good question rarely leads to just one definitive answer, but quite frequently a good question will lead to better and better and more detailed questions.

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