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I would like nothing more than to tell everyone  .. Yes, take that temporary work you were just offered and call yourself lucky.

But ..  I can always think of an unemployment benefit but  someone should consider before they go to work for an employer, let alone a temporary staffing agency.

Unlike, kind-hearted and socially moral  "Dave", a small temp agency owner recruited to impersonate the President of the United States,

real world temp agency operators are likely a cause for the creation of laws against  a practice called SUTA dumping.   Dumping meaning methods  that played to loopholes allowing for legal tax evasion when  a pegged out UI experience tax rate was dumped in favor a fresh start at a lower UI tax rate.

Temp agencies usually have pegged out UI tax rates due to their paid claims experience rating, but while they mess with you .. you could go under, which I believe is unconscionable .. at least on a socially moral and responsible level.

Protecting Unemployment Benefits After Accepting a Temporary Job

Given that there may be a few Dave's out there does nothing to diminish the fact that most who work for temp agencies would ber wise to know it is now crucial .. I repeat, crucial, to begin a solid practice of documenting  to add weight to testimony at unemployment appeal hearings .. because temporary work is now being provided by a business who is now equivalent to being your new permanent employer.

And they have apparently lobbied successfully in many states for one special provision that gives new meaning to what constitutes a voluntary quit from a temp agency.  In my state it is a voluntary quit without good cause  when you fail to contact the temp agency for another temp sssignment within 48 hours of the last one ending.

It makes protesting a lack of work claim possible by virtue of the fact you might not be able to prove you did in fact, contact your temp recruiter.  (See Table 5-7 in the Non-monetary Comparison Chartbook)

Email has not outlasted it's usefulness for employees whether temp or permanent. 

It is especially useful for documenting your actions and the employers by following up with your understanding of any verbal conversations.

 Just clarifying you understood what was told you on a phone call in a document called an email,  can be used to rebut testimony you failed to contact for additional temporary work.

Not accepting an additional assignment because you thought it was not  suitable work can be an issue of UI law used by a temp agency to protest your return to collecting benefits for for what is a legitimate lack of work claim.

Say after you contacted them for an additional assignment like the one you began with only to learn the new one pays half what you had been making and has nothing to do with your prior experience and training, or education.

When the client of the temp agency decide you're not the right temp for them .. misconduct may very well become the issue and reason for protesting why you shouldn't be allowed to start collecting benefits again. 

The primary problem with this protest, however, becomes a question of whether they can sustain the burden your actions were misconduct without direct testimony from an employee of the client company.

My experience with how temporary staffing companies protest temporary worker claims does not just come from coordinating unemployment hearings for them .. but my personal experience working through one for my former employer .. for nearly three years.

They fought my benefits all the way to the board of review saying I had quit the temporary  assignement  without good cause.

They failed to rebut my fulfillment of the burden to prove I did indeed have good cause to quit the assignment and that is what made there refusal to give me any other assignments .. a discharge for something other than misconduct.

I might  be a non-attorney, but unlike Dave, I have a ton of cynical common sense when it comes to temporary work and my hope is you can use my experience working with and for temp agencies to see for yourself .. a way through until you find FULL and PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT!!

Temporary Work is Still At-Will Employment

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Temporary Work - Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

Temporary work for a temp agency is really just a different type of permanent employment, but there is one special unemployment provision in a large number of states that puts the onus on the employee to inform their temp agency when an assignment ends and to make their availability for another know to the employer .. usually within 48 hours of the end of an assignment.

Tip: Document this via email .. to avoid not having any evidence to prove your employer has protested benefits incorrectly.

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