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It's a fact, State Unemployment Laws vary by state.   However, if you don't know what does vary to literally affect, the outcome of your unemployment claim before you apply for unemployment .. you will be beginning the process a claim goes through, behind the eight ball .. so to speak.  

In my opinion, that's simply, a bad place to begin if you're counting on collecting benefits even with valid merits to win .. especially if you can't afford hearing representation (which has been proven to increase even a claimants odds of winning by a substantial percentage.

Even a low cost consultation with me, Chris .. may help those who want to evaluate a claim to see if they might be missing a better reason for a state to allow benefits.

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But for those who can't afford an unemployment lawyer, or the more typical non-attorney unemployment hearing rep, below you will find the resources I bookmarked while learning the how to .. of that job I once lived at seventy hours a week.

How unemployment laws must work in all states is subject to w-i-d-e federal guidance going to states.

My favorite unemployment insurance law resources are DOLETA's State Unemployment Law Comparison Charts.

And of course, any State Precedent Decision Manual, Digest, or interpretive index .. I was able to lay eyes on.

Unemployment Law Comparison Charts .. State by State Variances

State Unemployment Laws (Aka Employment Security Acts) 

You'd think a state government would desire to make it as easy for unemployed people to find more than just a list of frequently asked questions as they do for employers digging around for good information.  And yes, I say this knowing it is employers who must pay federal and state unemployment taxes on employee wages, which is basically the premiums for unemployment used to pay for the operation and the benefits .. when actually allowed.  

Personally, I think the federal guidelines should insist all state websites post and maintain links to not just unemployment laws, but the manuals they often hide containing UI regulations and precedent manuals, containing board and court decisions, to explain how the laws work .. and when they aren't being applied properly .. to the facts to support, or deny payment of benefits.

Instead, what I find is states who do provide links to valuable explanatory resources to all us lowly non-attorneys with an interest, move those pages and links around as if they were only some useless clutter on a desktop.

I just called (3/28/17) the NY board,  to ask where their "interpreservice" went to.   If you find a link is broken please email me.

I'm willing to be a PITA in the eyes of a state for you, as part of my ongoing efforts to find and fix links for the relatively few of us who heavily rely on the resources below to explain what, when and why .. a state did what they did .. correctly, or otherwise.



The state of Alabama is not all that forthcoming with the sort of information I think is useful to an unemployed person .. but here's where I found the UI statutes.. at least.

Alabama Unemployment Statutes


Alaska is one of the three states in the country where employees may have to pay an unemployment tax.  

This may be the reason Alaska's benefit recipiency rate is consistently higher than most other states.

Alaska Unemployment Statues


Arizona unemployment is indicative of what has happened in many states to reduce recipients of benefits to the lowest levels ever.  Arizona, has one of the lowest maximum weekly unemployment benefits amount in the country as well.

It's also one of a handful of states that makes finding affordable representation at an unemployment appeal hearing, a bigger challenge, that is..  if you're the claimant in the matter.


AZ Administrative Code 


Arkansas Unemployment Statutes

 Precedent Decisions
California UIBDG (good one)

CDLE Reference Library


Delaware - Do you know where





Illinois Unemployment Law Handbook


Iowa Adjudication Guide





Maryland                                                                Decision Digest

Massachusetts                                                DUA Service Rep Manual

Decision Digest







New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico                                         Precedents

New York                                                 

North Carolina Statues

NC Precedent Manual

North Dakota

Ohio Statutes                             Precedent  Abstract

Oklahoma                                   Precedent Manual



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


Texas                                                 Precedents



Precedent Manual

Washington State

Washington DC

West Virginia

Wisconsin                                    Precedents


Many discussions in the  Q&A's  link to specific pages  in many of the resources to help explain the reasoning behind any answer or question I might of asked.

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