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Unemployment Laws Need Resources That Explain When and How to Argue Why You Should Collect

Who among you, is looking forward to reading state unemployment laws?

Whether employed, or already unemployed, laws contain valid, quasi-legally based, arguments to get, or alternatively keep benefits .. but they still don't explain what underpins the best argument for an individual to use.

Well, if you had been me with a new job working on behalf of those appealing employers, you might also think it a good idea to wrap your head around  how that gets done .. legitimately ..

It was also a way to stay true to a work ethic as an employee .. to not sound like an idiot while communicating with employer clients to get to the basic argument to follow up with things like obtaining evidence, firsthand witnesses, or those with direct knowledge going to the cause for separation.

It took a bit of time, as at the turn of this century, I was lacking any "formal" training as to how UI worked, except I knew how to pay the UI taxes of wages, for a family construction business.

Not a fan of feeling helpless, I used a small handful of newly acquired unemployment jargon, to search for information differently, leading to many of the resources I still use today

What I noted first.. was UI administrative laws, seem to work pretty much like real law.  Written  by state legislators, with various underlying intent, political .. and otherwise, but still clear intent seems to remain hidden from public view .. even if you're curious.      

For instance, since unemployment appeal rules of procedures were something I thought I should learn more about .. I came across this U.S. Supreme Court decision affecting all unemployed people everywhere when their employer appeals an initial non-monetary eligibility determination.

How unemployment laws should work in all states is subject to w-i-d-e federal guidance going to states on a regular basis .. but this only means .. there's still plenty of room for states to vary on how each chooses to administer benefits .. and what they say it means to lose a job through no fault of your own.

So, what do I like using better than reading Unemployment Law?

The USDOL State Unemployment Law Comparison Charts

And any State Precedent Decision Manual, Digest, or interpretive index .. I can lay eyes on.

 Referral to Professional Unemployment Appeal Representation

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Unemployment Laws Comparison Charts .. State by State

State Unemployment Laws (Employment Security Acts) 

One reason I prefer using the charts listed above is that maintaining links going to states sometimes feels like a part-time job, because they often move information I sometimes can't find again on an official state unemployment website.

You'd think a state would make it easy for unemployed people .. let alone the employers paying taxes on wages to fund the benefits program to find not just unemployment insurance laws, but appeal manuals with state regulations and/or precedent board, or court decision digests.

If there is a broken link, please email me, I'll do my best to fix one, or remove it .. asap. 


The state of Alabama is not what I would call forthcoming with any valuable information that actually sheds light on how it's laws should be consistently applied to circumstances.. but here's where to find the statutes.. at least.

Alabama Unemployment Statutes


Alaska is one of the three states in the country where employees may have to pay an unemployment tax.  

This may be the reason Alaska's benefit recipiency rate is consistently higher than most other states.

Alaska Unemployment Statues


Arizona unemployment is indicative of what has happened in many states to reduce recipients of benefits to the lowest levels ever.  Arizona, has one of the lowest maximum weekly unemployment benefits amount in the country as well.

It's also one of a handful of states that makes finding affordable representation at an unemployment appeal hearing, a bigger challenge, that is..  if you're the claimant in the matter.


AZ Administrative Code 


Arkansas Unemployment Statutes

 Precedent Decisions
California UIBDG (good one)

CDLE Reference Library


Delaware - Do you know where





Illinois Unemployment Law Handbook


Iowa Adjudication Guide





Maryland                                                                Decision Digest

Massachusetts                                                DUA Service Rep Manual

Decision Digest







New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico                                         Precedents

New York                                                 Interpretation Index

North Carolina Statues

NC Precedent Manual

North Dakota

Ohio Statutes                             Precedent  Abstract

Oklahoma                                   Precedent Manual



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


Texas                                                 Precedents



Precedent Manual

Washington State

Washington DC

West Virginia

Wisconsin                                    Precedents


Many discussions in the  Q&A's  link to specific pages  in many of the resources to help explain the reasoning behind any answer or question I might of asked.

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