How Much Does Unemployment Pay

It is not difficult to calculate a close estimate to how much unemployment pay you would actually receive each week ..

IF it is determined you did in fact, lose your job through no fault of your own .. and it stays that way for the duration of your entitlement to the weekly benefit amount you're qualified for in the first determination issued on a claim.  By the way, this monetary determination is appealable as the second non-monetary determination, yet to come.

Another name for the monetary determination, particularly, in California .. is  the monetary award  letter...

Generally speaking, a monetary determination will regale you with the figures used in a state specific formula  for determining a weekly benefit amount,  which is always based on the wages found in a claims base period.

Although most of us could do all the computations explained by looking an a number of different tables found in the current  years  Monetary Entitlement Chartbook found at DOLETA

You might be able to keep your socks on, or your pocket calculator put away and take a look at Table  3-6 .and apply the percentage to the high earning quarter in your base period ..

Just remember a base period (also explained in the chartbook), is a look back period which I've explained repeatedly in many of the questions and answers you can find elsewhere on this site.

On a serious note, I'd like you to know an appeal of a monetary determination may be in order.    Especially when I consider the BAM (benefit accuracy measurements)  

They demonstrate that a state can make plenty of miscalculations when it comes to the amount of the weekly benefit. ..

So, don't lose your right to appeal by putting off the importance of an immutable appeal deadline .. due to anything that will not be considered good cause for a late appeal .. where you can prove you're entitled to more than they told you..

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