How Much Does Unemployment Pay

It's not difficult to calculate a close estimate of how much you will receive in unemployment pay if you know the minimum and maximum about of unemployment benefits available in your state and how much you typically earned in any given quarter (13 weeks) of what is called the base period.

Fifty percent of your weekly pay as an employee, up to the maximum benefit amount is generally good enough for working out a new budget .. and you might even be pleasantly surprised when you learn it's a little more than fifty percent.

Another name for the monetary determination, which tells you how much you qualified for in benefits might be called something different.  For instance, in California .. it's called a monetary award  letter, but any monetary determination doesn't mean you have also been cleared to receive benefits .. 

That news comes with the second non-monetary determ which addresses the reason for the loss of job, such as a voluntary quit, or a discharge for misconduct.

Although most of us could do all the mathematical computations to arrive at a much closer estimate of how much unemployment will pay simply by becoming acquainted with the current  year's  Monetary Entitlement Chartbook, one of several very useful State Unemployment Law Comparison Charts produced by the USDOL.

It would be essential to know how much you should be awarded each week if you need to appeal the initial monetary entitlement determination.

Just remember, all claims have their own  base period (also explained in the chartbook), which is  used as the  look back period to find the high quarter of wages as that is the quarter that determines your weekly benefit amount.

But there are still a lot of Q&As I felt it was necessary to explain a base period may be a standard, alternative, or an extended type and .. depending on which types are available in your state to look back at can and do impact the process of monetarily qualifying a claim.

On a more serious note, you still have the right of appeal for a monetary determination you disagree with and  especially if you consider the BAM data about monetary qualifying mistakes made by an agency.  (See benefit accuracy measurements)  

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