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I do not believe unemployment services should be offered if it's obvious to someone with knowledge about UI .. that winning an appeal hearing is a pipe dream.  But I guess I'll just have to be satisfied that if it's a claimant who fills out the form to request hearing representation (at the bottom of this page) they will first get a free case evaluation so a hearing rep can make that call. 

Now that mentioned what's free, you might want to know the cost of unemployment services since there's nothing wrong with making informed decisions about cost vs. benefits.

In the end, someone's skill, knowledge and unemployment appeal experience isn't a guarantee you will win, but rather, a smart move that significantly improves your odds of winning .. after a free case evaluation of course .. from those who opt to appear pro se .. and often without any plan to win.

I've been referring claimants to professional unemployment hearing reps, since the end of 2009 .. because coaching sometimes isn't enough to do the trick for some people.

Before I could refer anyone to a rep,  I first had to stop collecting benefits.   I just couldn't do that, until I was fairly certain  my former employers would be done appealing the benefits I was initially allowed to collect after I voluntarily quit a temp assignment.  It had once been my permanent job.  Of course before I quit it as a temp employee, I felt strongly I had good cause to quit the temp assignment .. .  

Good cause had nothing to do with the fact my job had been transformed from a permanent job in 2006, into an on demand temp job that just never ended .. until I was forced to end it in 2009 for medical reasons.

But here's the thing, even though I understood where to find my best argument and that i had to prove good cause, I the hearing coordinator, opted to be represented by a hearing rep when it came time to face off with both those former employers at the tribunal hearing.   

I knew a lot  of hearing reps on a first name basis as contracting one was an integral part of my job serving employers in much the same capacity I'm serving to you in the form of a referral offer right now. 

Despite knowing what's good to argue at hearings, I knew it could also be the quality of how well one argues to influence and persuade.  

I was nervous .. but confident I knew the trail.  What made me most nervous though was losing the four months of benefits sitting on a debit card I hadn't yet touched.  I knew my former employer would appeal for the temp agency, because they were a client of the unemployment cost control company I worked for.

Turns out what I remember most from that hearing now, is how my tongue made a clicking sound each time I uttered a word.  (It was like it was glued to the roof of my mouth). Guess I should of known better and thought to take a bottle of water with me .. so don't forget your water bottle.

As for my hearing rep I already knew he was top notch when arguing for employers.  He  didn't let mew down either when he did what I didn't think I could do for myself .. cross examine the employer's direct witnesses.  

It all worked out in the end though .. at least that's what the state unemployment insurance board of review said when they finally dismissed the employer's appeal of the hearing decision that said I had voluntarily quit the temp assignment with good cause .. but the employer had discharged me for something other than misconduct when leaving the temp assignment .. forced them to tell me I was now a DO NOT USE.

So, in the end, I used thousands of benefits on that debit card, but only after I stopped filing for benefits .. because I was finally ready .. to let go of searching for another job, a conditional requirement while you're filing and collecting.

Professional Unemployment Appeal Representation

If you want me refer your appeal case to a  professional hearing representative

If you can only afford low cost advice about representing yourself you can talk to me then 

The Difference Between Representing Yourself .. and Being Represented

Primarily .. I think the benefit of representation is you get the knowledge of expertise in unemployment law, along with their ability to draw on that expertise when things get tense at a hearing.

Lack of representation is the problem I thought of as a claimant only problem .. because I knew it was not a problem for the employers I  served while coordinating any hearing they were a party to. 

Appeal letters from claimants frequently explain their reasoning for disagreeing to show they are NOT focused on the best solution unemployment law offers them to argue facts that matter. 

Why would they literally not use their best shot to explain why an employer lacked the necessary proof rising to a level considered work misconduct (good cause for a discharge), or refusing to acknowledge what the burden of proof was for them when quitting (fault being attributable to their employer).

Maybe not so surprising.  It can be upsetting to lose a job through no fault of your own, and upset is not the best frame of mind to begin an unemployment claim, especially if it goes hand in hand without some idea of how and why UI laws are applied to final incidents to uncover fault .. after a job separation has occurred.

Do you have undocumented truths to tell?  It's likely you do, but do they  pertain to actions taken by yourself, or an employer .. intended to prevent a job separation from occurring?

What is not written loud and clear on state unemployment websites are all the preventative measures expected to meet, or sustain a burden of proof.  Or that when actions are not written (documented) that alone makes more difficult, the job of proving a truth to also be a credible fact.  

Aside from knowing there are definitely a many valid arguments to counter most all issues cited in initial determinations, explaining the fault for a quit, or discharge, as a hearing coordinator, (not a hearing rep) I also paid close attention to rules I knew to follow for the purpose of  protecting rights to due process.

Despite whose story made more sense to me, in the way of having merits to win a hearing, once I had the docs and my direct witnesses lined up, I handed the job of protecting the client off to professional non-attorney UI hearing representative I knew .. knew how to argue against you at hearings .. even if you lost your job through no fault of your own.  

These non-attorney professional hearing reps I contracted on a daily basis, won approximately 75 percent of the time.  Sadly, the estimate for half of those who lost .. is they had an argument that may of also won the unemployment hearing.. but for some reason they didn't deploy it .. or they just didn't show up and lost the hearing by default.

There is of course, a short list of states requiring unemployment lawyers, where even the more experienced, non-attorneys reps in this country,  just won't do.    

I have a problem with those states .. and of course I think you should too.  However, on my ends .. it's because I expect to be paid a referral fee as a non-attorney vs. the wage a corporation paid me to find attorneys for employers. ..

Yessiree .. I know the hang up is attorney rules of ethics concerning paying for case referrals from non-attorneys .. or is it state rules .. limiting the amount that can be charged when the client is an employee.  

Unemployment Appeal Hearing Representation - Cost

Full hearing representation when I refer a claimant's case, will generally range in cost between $350 and $550.  (This is also the price range, for those inquiring after a written argument in support of a board appeal after losing a lower level hearing.)  

When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, you will have the option of choosing either  a referral to qualified (by qualified, I mean they represent parties at UI hearing for a living and frequently, in multiple phone hearing states.)  

Referrals to Hearing Reps Are Only Available for These States 

Unemployment Coaching with Chris

If you opt to talk to me .. consider me the cheap cheats .. at least in the world of unemployment services here.    Still not sure if I worth the fifty dollar flat fee I charge to talk about it,  Well,  I'm the one you get

I charge a flat fifty dollar fee to talk about whatever you want, but I prefer  those who use me to prevent problems before employment ends .. one way, or the other.    Believe me, you wouldn't be my first victim.

I hope you want to ask about dealing with something going on at a job and information to relate to how unemployment insurance may work later.  ( I live for proactive coaching sessions).  

If you can't afford fifty dollars, please allow me to direct you to where you will find plenty of free advice 

Unemployment Appeal Representation Referrals for ....

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington State
  • Wyoming

When you submit the request form you should receive an automated email from me.  What happens next depends on if you requested representation, or coaching services, Requests for hearing representation are forwarded to someone I know to be very qualified to represent cases in the list of states above.

If you request coaching you will still have to call me to schedule a day and time and receive information as to how to pay me.  The email I send (meaning Chris - Unemployment Tips) includes my personal phone number, along with my personal email address  because I prefer talking, or communicating from my gmail, as well as using it to receive attachments of documents..  (Redacted of sensitive personal info of course .. like your SSN.) 

But hey .. even if you just want me to refer you to a professional UI hearing rep .. you can can call, or email me .. because you all need to know .. this is how I earn from an otherwise free website.


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