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Can you still get unemployment after 6 weeks even if denied?

by Anonymous

I have a fact finding hearing coming up. I was fired by my employer, and there is a chance I will be denied benefits. Even if I am denied after the hearing, am I still eligible to receive unemployment after 6 weeks? I live in NJ.

***Edited 11/11/18***

Seems to me, New Jersey has no problem changing it's unemployment rules frequently.

I received a broken link notification for one I placed here years ago (during the recession).

The link went to a new page at the NJDOL, that explained the new levels of work misconduct. They were, simple misconduct, severe misconduct and gross misconduct, as well as the escalating severity of the disqualifications to match each new level of misconduct.

The change did the job I believed it was intended to do, a means to effectively reduce NJ's high UI recipiency (well over 50 percent of the total unemployed when the big recession hit ) to a more manageable level in line with the rest of the country. I believed the change was likely connected to efforts to manage NJ's UI fund solvency.

Seems solvency is no longer an issue .. because now NJ has just two levels of misconduct you need to be concerned about, misconduct (formerly "simple") and gross misconduct.

In terms that may matter more to understand NJ's misconduct disqualifications for regular, not gross misconduct, you must now serve five weeks not getting benefits, before you can begin to collect benefits. Read more here at the NJDOL

This as opposed to the more typical misconduct disqualification in other states requiring a fired employee to also return to a subsequent job in order to meet (purge) an earning requirement along side the time one must also serve, without any benefits.

You can find out what the misconduct disqualification is for any state .. in the UI Law State Comparison Charts.

Unemployment disqualifications in general must be Served, Purged or Lifted .. and more often than not, if fired in states other than NJ, both Served and Purged.


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