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Employer was a no show for denial of unemployment benefits for misconduct

by Diane
(Las Vegas, Nv. USA)

I was training for new position that required me to count safe and make or reconcile bank deposits . Once completed someone comes to get the deposits \on their way to the bank usually. This particular day the shift leader was to walk them to the main store which is across parking lot of busy mall. That was a Friday ..Monday afternoon I was told those deposits were missing and since I was the one who counted them I was responsible. Camera shows no one taking the money although they were gone . My point I followed procedures as I was taught or told . So therefore I don't believe I did anything wrong. Also I continued to work going about regular routine counting money and making deposits for two more weeks before I was let go. If I was doing something wrong or took their money then why would they continue to let me handle their money. So I was wondering what my chances are as to getting my unemployment. Per the letter sent out by unemployment about the hearing they were to call 48 hours before hearing with the phone number and name of person that would be representing them but they did not do that that as far as I know. Sorry about any confusion in my previous message.

Which previous message?

I don't know which previous message was yours because this is brand new submission and not made as a comment to your previous post, or whatever I may of said to make you think I'm confused.

Check out the blog page, if you submitted a question it will be at the top of the list there, then just copy and paste the details above as a comment, so there will be some continuity .. to a reply.

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