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False Statement Penalty week?

by Melanie

I was laid off/furloughed because of covid, I filed a claim, was approved with a letter.... yet after certifying, it says "False statement penalty week".

I have no idea why, and I also received an enai/inbox letter stating that my benefits were being applied to my disqualification for those 2 weeks...

I am on a payment plan for an overpayment from 2015,(unbeknownst to me) I've never missed a payment and have always been on time.. I can't get a human on the phone.. any ideas as to why they aren't paying my benefits?. I've only used edd 2 times in the last 40 years. Any info would be helpful

Hi Melanie,

I think you need to go back to the paperwork from 2015 and find the determination, or appeal hearing decision if you appealed the determination and read the disqualification for making a false statement.

The last I remember (and it's been a few years since I checked on it) the weeks of disqualification for making a false statement, was five weeks. This, in addition the recovery provisions allowing added interest and penalties tacked onto the overpayment amount, you're still paying on fiver years later.

Whether the state can confiscate even the benefits you're eligible for today in 2020, as a means to recoup the overpayment still owed from 2015 .. I don't know, but I suggest that it's hard to contact an EDD claim rep, is the inconvenience millions of Americans are experiencing right now.

Something to be grateful for at least for me .. is you, nor I, are one of those still trying to contact the NJDOL about getting benefits due to a simple lack of work claim.

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