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hostile work environment

by ana
(oregon )

hostile work environment

It turned into a hostile work environment when my boss tried to find reasons to write me up

Hi Ana,


What do you want to know .. whether I think you can get unemployment for quitting your job due to this reason?

Although I admit to being a smartass frequently, I have tried to keep that under control here .. because thus far, I have honestly just been trying to help people understand how the unemployment system in this country works so they could help themselves.

But, it's a New Year .. (I am wishing a Happy and better New Year in 2011 to everyone) and I've made some resolutions to save my sanity by giving myself permission to uncork on the questions that drive me nuts.

I'm tired of answering lazy questions.

So here's my opinion of whether you will get unemployment given the details your question(?) about a hostile work environment.


You quit and you have the burden of proof when you quit.

And even I, can't be swayed when it comes to collecting unemployment with just a victim mentality, because there is no help for that type of person .. until they are willing to at least try to help themselves and take responsibility.

Chris -

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