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Lack of childcare WA state

by Cierra


I work full time split shift 10-2 then 4-9 with Tuesday's and Thursday's off to help my former babysitter out with her school schedule. I have changed my schedule over four times to accomadate this girl and she flacked on me more than once. She finally quit but this leaves me with no babysitter for a 3 and 2 year old. I already asked my general manager if the company has part time and he flat out said no. I've emailed my supervisor to try and work out a part time scheduled since I have found a part time babysitter. If the company is not willing to work with me on getting a part time schedule and I've worked for them for over a year (even took a voluntary demotion from supervisor to agent to try and stay with the company twice) can I collect unemployment.
Thanks ahead of time.


Finding childcare is not the respnsibility of an employer and therefore, this would be a quit for personal reasons because the problem causing you to request a change to the terms and conditions of the employment.

So, in this case a person should first look to see if the state makes an exception to the basic condition of being eligible by proving the quit can be attributed to the work or employer.

Even if a state allows a voluntary quit for personal, compelling and/or necessitous reasons via a special provision in law or specifically cites the above
reasons as having the possibility of good cause to quit, the individual must still be able to fulfill their "unemployment burden of proof" that they exhausted all alternatives to remedy the problem and preserve the employment.

That is what I couldn't find in your questions .. how you intend to prove you made exhaustive efforts to preserve the employment.

Have you researched Washington State's unemployment statutes as of yet?

And here is the approved application which includes a lot of information and areas to search further for information about Washington provisions regarding compelling family reasons that allow for unemployment benefits. (Give it time as it loads slow).

My suggestion if this is a matter of urgency is to start documenting your communications with the employer and if it were me and had not yet found full time child care and the employer had refused my request to go part-time .. I would, in writing, request a short leave of absence to find adequate full-time child care (and I would be documenting every effort I made to find it.

At this point, quitting would be the last thing on my mind if I were you because I do not believe you could sustain that burden of proof that will be assigned to you as the moving party and right now finding full-time childcare is going to be easier for you than trying to quit and collect unemployment benefits.

Does anyone know how to help her find adequate childcare in Seattle Washington?

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