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My husband received a severance package from best buy in California

by lizbeth
(santa maria)

and he also has a job at night djing but best buy was his primary job and got payed probably double than in his night job. would he still be eligible for benefits.

Hi Lizbeth,

This question has been "asked and answered" (a common objection at an unemployment hearing:), but when I added the ability for people to ask me questions .. I had no plan in place to actually organize the questions .. poor planning on my part (otherwise known as "neglect of duties), but fortunately I have the choice to let it slide and I don't think I'll be firing myself.

This page has the link to the information which explains whether the severance pay is deductible income for unemployment benefits in California

The wages from the part-time job will need to be reported so California can calculate whether your husband is entitled to a partial amount of his weekly benefit amount.

And here is how California partial unemployment is calculated.

Determining unemployment eligibility is a multi faceted series of questions. The first of which is whether the claimant worked in covered employment and had sufficient wages in the base period to establish a claim. The rest can be equated to entering a fun house .. if you make it out the exit door without losing your cookies .. you may collect the benefits, but there's still a hitch because the exit walkway is one of those horizontal hinged door obstacles and it is as long as the length of time you continue to collect benefits.

Pardon me, for losing control of my natural inclination for metaphors and imagery while answering your question. I try to keep a plug in it most of the time:0

Let me know if you have any questions about the information I linked to by posting a comment to your submission.


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