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Reporting weekly earnings with NJ PUA

by A
(New Jersey)


I have been confused by question #7 when reporting earnings for NJ, PUA. I am independent contractor and receive a 1099. I submitted an invoice on 3/17 which I was finally paid for on 5/16. I didn't think I would have to report earnings that week for work that I already did but, apparently I made a mistake. I would like to report them even though I already certified for the week already. Is it OK to report the earnings the following week that I certify for? Also, do I report the income with estimated taxes taken out or, the gross check I received. It sounds like I then have reopen my case....I also received a check on 6/1 for an invoice I submitted on 3/31 that I will report when I file for that week...the way the certifying question is worded is very confusing (for me).


Hi A,

I'd love to help you figure this out, so you, nor I, am confused anymore.

PUA is a new animal to deal with and I don't have the instructions from NJ for how to file, nor the info as to how this PUA stuff works for self employed people in front of me .. and I certainly do not have the questions confusing you in front of me, you're asking how to answer .. when certifying under penalty of perjury to boot.

You might want to look into an alternative way of communicating with me.

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