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Use Your Thinkmeat and I'll Use Mine ..

by Chris

It was a lovely Sunday in June 2015, when I received another email from someone, it was probably safe to assume, wasn't able to find a free answer the many free answers about how partial unemployment benefits work.

The email strongly suggested I was the one who needed to use MY "thinkmeat".

I'm sure some among you have to deal with sort of person daily. They may even have the authority to act as as agent with the authority of your employer, as most supervisors, managers, or HR usually does.

Although some of these agent may actually think saying something like this to anyone .. ever, is a completely appropriate way to speak to subordinates when they don't get the answer they want to hear .. most bully types at work are smart enough to at least think twice before putting those words in writing .. as in an email, because that could potentially become the weight of proof they exhibited a tendency toward inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

You know the old HR school of thought, don't you? If it isn't written, it didn't happen.

Suffice it to say, this person got their way, they got their satisfaction when I allowed them under my skin, but frankly, it's hard for me to ignore what bullies do .. so I won't .. I'm documenting an incident that could be relevant .. if this person had the power to not just verbally bully me, but to still be in a position of using their authority to retaliate for documenting my complaint to expose the truth and fire me for something any employer would claim as being misconduct connected to the work whether it was or not.

Here's the email .. and all I have to say in response now is, Okay. I'll use my thinkmeat .. if you use yours and acknowledge partial unemployment benefits are subject to state mathematical formulas.

The article telling laid off or terminated employees worried about not receiving full unemployment benefits due to having a second job is hateful and inappropriate.

You do not answer
a financial question with "don't worry about it" and "stop thinking that way". All this does is show that the article writer is very privileged.

"Well just get in yer Beamer and drive to your dad's company headquarters and get a new jerb!!1"

..does not fly.

Come on now. Use the thinkmeat.

Responding to What Bullies Do

First .. I don't answer "financial questions". I answer questions about how unemployment insurance laws work .. often differently from state to state.

I know I can at times, be a smart ass. And I definitely know when I'm feeling impatient with someone, whom in my mind, is choosing to ignore all that free advice in lieu of asking me to work for one more hour to explain the same issue .. only difference being, it's them now facing it the consequences of their own decision to not act appropriately to protect themselves from the workplace.

But what I absolutely object loudly and out loud to, is when I feel I should invest my time to investigate my own supposed guilt, after being accused of acting, or writing something so completely inappropriate, or hateful in someone else's opinion.

I was certain I'd been wrongly accused of being directly responsible for making comment one person thought were disrespectful and ignorant about partial unemployment benefits, that in my opinion, came nowhere to being as over the top as those comments in the email I'd just received.

"Well just get in yer Beamer and drive to your dad's company headquarters and get a new jerb!!1"

Talk about assuming facts, not in the record.

Need to understand how partial unemployment benefits work? Try DOLETA's monetary chartbook.

The charts are a virtual treasure trove of monetary formulas, including those for calculating partial unemployment benefits.

If you want to know how to document a truth, to prove a fact .. in the event you might become unemployed .. then understand it's always an employee who shouldn't turn their back on the truth, but for the sake of an ability to prove something happened in the workplace.

Submissively yours,


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