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by brittney
(hawthorne , ca , united states)

I feel like the company I work for is causing me to have health problems. I'm so stressed out to the point where I cant sleep at night I dont really eat and the thought makes me sick. The company is so unprofessional and full of drama I've missed work because of them can they still deny my unemployment?

You are asking for my opinion Brittney, but you didn't let me know about the things that would allow me to form an opinion.

But I might be correct in assuming that you are thinking of quitting your job.

And if this is correct .. then I know why, but you didn't tell me a thing about what you have done thus far or even what the employer has done .. except to speak in generalities.

This I can tell you. There will be no special application of the rules or the way the state will decides whether Brittney gets unemployment.

It is an individual's reason for quitting, the facts and proof given to the state associated with that reason, that are all shoved into the exact same unemployment mold created by the statutes and precedents of a state.

Sometimes when a crack develops and a person is denied unemployment benefits .. the crack can be patched at an unemployment hearing.

But in the end, what you did before you quit still has to be looked at first and then at the hearing .. you focus on repairing or "filling in the crack".

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