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Over Four Million At-Will Employees Should Take Note of When Updated Overtime Rules Take Affect

by Chris -
(Thinking About Representing Yourself at an Unemployment Appeal hearing?)

Hey, I get all those underlying reasons why non-exempt employees often choose to work overtime for free, without getting paid time and half as mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

I did it myself during the height of the great recession .. to help employer's deny unemployment claims who should of instead pursued a straight out, up front, reduction in force and just laid people off they couldn't afford to employ anymore due to a lack of work.

But, now that the economy is apparently improving, as evidenced by the current adjusted unemployment rate, overtime rules are about to be changed to such a degree, the rules now affect even some salaried (exempt) employees who may of been made exempt by employers, to avoid paying overtime.

Know your employee rights .. or at least the one affected by overtime pay rules.

New rules are scheduled to be finalized December 1, 2016 .. just in time for an unexpected early holiday boon for some present buying.

If you've ever been shorted OT for your hard work .. and quit without first filing a overtime wage complaint, chances are good voluntarily leaving was found without good cause .. because you didn't file a complaint as an effort to preserve your job, or document the negative results of such effort.

It's not funny how employee right laws can be used to turn the tables on lots of unsuspecting, but justifiably disgruntled unemployment claimants .. but once you know your right, it becomes your responsibility to exercise it .. for it to do any good .. after the fact of losing a job through no fault of your own.

Find more information about the final overtime rules to be implemented in December.

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