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Should I File an Unemployment Appeal?


I get this question about unemployment benefits a lot, although it comes more often via email than a question submitted via the blog submission form on my about me page.

But, even if you don't ask me directly about how to win unemployment appeal hearings, it's how to win I'm always considering, as I read story details relevant, or not, to the cause of someone's separation from a job.

I want to feel comfortable with my answers, when someone quit, or gets fired, because being unemployed can put some people in desperate mode and I don't want to be blamed for quick written advice they misinterpret as complete.

I may, or may not go beyond what to do after using a basic strategy of writing a simple appeal letter, since that can literally save the party's right to have an appeal hearing, while they deliberate on how to prove, or rebut the burden of proof, or the accountability factor of who is to blame, for the cause of separation, when fully, and finally explored at a hearing.

For anyone who does know how UI works to come up with a plan, or an argument that can win a hearing, they need to know details and it is in the details where they look for an argument with arguable and hopefully, justifiable potential to win the game of placing fault, that is played at unemployment hearings.

In other words, if you don't know to expose what is relevant and happened in the past .. before you quit, or got fired, how to find your own ability to sustain, or rebut the burden of proof of the moving party, which is front and center at a
hearing as it relates to the issue causing the job separation?

Of course, once you get to an unemployment hearing, another thing you must do beside explore and expose the relevant details .. is to protect your rights to due process as well.

The end result of an unemployment appeal hearing, is often the unemployed person believes the person conducting the hearing only seemed to allow testimony and/or evidence that was helpful for a hearing officer to conclude why the fault was their own.

This isn't always an accurate representation of what a hearing officer was up to, but an uninformed and subjective perception people choose to be left with, rather than seeing the experience as an opportunity to gain new understanding of what goes into a quasi-legal burden to prove, or rebut those differences between being a responsible employee and an accountable one who can point out what made the employer blameworthy to be charged for any benefits paid by winning a hearing on arguable merits that fit with how a state's unemployment laws are supposed to work.


Some food for thought. Unemployment Insurance is a blame game and it works best when you preconceive how to sidestep blame .. after the fact of losing a job through no fault of your own.

This rant began when I searched for "the difference between responsibility and accountability and read the following.

Responsibility vs. Accountability.

I offer referrals to professionals to those who can choose to assuage mistakes made by those who otherwise represent themselves without a better understanding of how not to be blameworthy .. quasi-legally speaking.

Free Consultations Before an Unemployment Hearing Representative decides if the facts make them want to take your appeal case.

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