Will I Be Denied Unemployment Benefits?

It's probably the first question every unemployed person asked themselves, before they asked me some questions about collecting unemployment unemployment.    In any form it can imply someone thinks it would be unfair if denied unemployment benefits.

And the fact is, they may be right .. that is was unfair, but that doesn't mean it's always irreversible.

For me to provide a meaningful answers to that satisfies me however,  I know why that can literally depends on whether I am able to drag enough relevant details out of the unemployed novice, to reasonably predict the reason a denial of unemployment would be in order.

But, what I'm also looking for in someone's story is a legitimate appeal argument that goes to either a weakness, or strength in a burden of proof.   Which by the way, a burden is always related to one or more specific issue of UI law used to deny benefits and can be expected to be listed on the notice of hearing after the first unemployment appeal.

Regular employees new to being unemployed on the other hand, still believe even at this point in the unemployment process that it's what they are feeling about the reason they quit, or got fired that should matter most to that person in charge of issuing the initial non-monetary claim determination based on law.  The claim's adjudicator, or if you prefer the front gatekeeper at the unemployment department doesn't care about how you feel as much as they do about gather the available and relevant to law .. information so they can move on to the next initial separation (non-monetary) determination which will allow benefits, or result in a denial of benefits.

Either way, all initial determinations of your benefits are subject to being appealed by you, or the listed employer.

Basically, an employee's problem is the same reason they often end up behind the eight ball after they file an unemployment claim.  They didn't have a clue the it is evidence that supports relevant information that weight the story they tell to getting unemployment.

Or that evidence that makes their story more relevant and credible is created before they quit, or get fired .. not after.

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