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Should You File an Unemployment  Appeal When Denied Unemployment

When a person is denied unemployment benefits, it is their right to appeal a denial of benefits.

 A hearing will result and once at the hearing, you can explain why the initial determination was completely wrong .. if the law means anything and it does.

But, if you have a right to appeal, so will your former base period employers when you are allowed to collect unemployment benefits.  

They are successful about seventy five percent of the time opposing payment of unemployment benefits.

That may sound like a scary statistic .. but then many employers have actually hired the type of company I used to work for that brings expertise to bear in  quasi-legal unemployment hearings

Self representation at the first tribunal unemployment hearing if fine if you actually argue on arguable merits to show why the initial determination of benefits was erroneous.

But arguable merits is not usually what unemployed people focus on at the all important first level unemployment appeal hearing.  Instead, they focus on a lot of irrelevant to UI law stuff without any consideration of the importance of a burden of proof.

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