What To Do When Denied Unemployment Benefits

There are too many numerous and legitimate reasons why you may be facing a denial of unemployment benefits, but there are also lot  of legitimate grounds to appeal denied unemployment benefits that can't really be pigeoned holed into a list.

It's easy to see collecting unemployment benefits is often an argument .. relevant to an assigned burden of proof to the moving party who ended the employment and what good cause may consist of to prove a reason for a discharge, or a voluntary quit had good cause.

If I had just been personally notified of a denial of unemployment and I disagreed with that claim determination,  I'd want to know how to write an appeal letter that also, isn't self-disqualifying.

I'd also, call the state 's UI claim office and obtain a copy of my "state file" so I wouldn't have to stay in the dark about what my employer told the state about why I wasn't employed any longer, see the documents submitted to the claims adjudicator.

All because there's little point in appealing .. if you're the one in denial about the facts and good cause.

Then, if I was still sure I disagreed with my non-monetary claim determination, I'd find out , possibly with a free case evaluation, what an experts opinion is for my chances of winning and whether I could afford their representation services to double my odds of winning.

What I wouldn't do .. is cross my finger and hope for the best .. without even reading some free questions other unemployed people who found themselves in the same boat .. asked.

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