What is Good Cause to Quit Your Job?

Common sense dictates, that if you choose to quit your job voluntarily, you should also be prepared to prove the basic principles of why you quit for a reason relevant to the burden of having to prove good cause that fits with how the issue of voluntarily quitting a job is mandated to work in the state liable to pay your unemployment benefits.    

Admittedly this realization, often clashes with what an uninformed claimant thinks of as being good cause to collect unemployment.

Sustaining a burden that proves good cause .. is literally a burden.

So much so, that it is not unheard of that I hear employees tell me that at the time they quit .. they felt like their employer was forcing them to quit.

Why do you think this is?

It's the burden of having to prove the truth to be a credible fact that the fault belongs to the non-moving party.

So, a good rule of thumb for working unemployment insurance laws, rules and regulations to control eligibility is to be the one who doesn't have to prove anything , but rebut why the moving party cannot SUSTAIN they met their quasi-legal burden to not just talk about good cause, but prove it existed .. should an interested party appeal  to a full fact finder unemployment  hearing to force the moving party to show evidence of good cause. 

When you voluntarily quit a job, for pretty much any reason,  it's you must prove fault as being attributable to the work, or an employer.  Therein lies the problem I see over and over.

Why are employees afraid to document actions .. and even lack of action in relationship to the steps we are presumed to know we should reasonably take before quitting a job.  It is what we can credibly prove that points to the existence of all those efforts we talk about making to preserve the employment as any reasonable person would do .. under similar circumstances to being weighted to become a credible fact.

If you quit in lieu of being fired, you're on the wrong page, at least if you're still able to rebut  you were the constructively discharged for something other than work related misconduct .. vs. writing a boneheaded thank you for the opportunity .. resignation letter at the request of an employer.

Employees are people with not just employee rights, but the right to be reasonable .. vs acting as if they really are human capital and  assets to a business.

Common Potential Good Cause Reasons People Quit Jobs

DOLETA's Nonmonetary Eligibility Charts are an excellent free resource to research your reason for quitting .. state by state.

It contains the most common reasons (issues) people quit a job. The footnotes beneath each chart, often explain the variances in state law in how the cause is initially investigated, or treated diffentely, state by state.  

Example:  quitting a job in California to follow a spouse who accepted work in Florida can be with  good cause.  But, if your spouse were to leave Florida and you followed them back to California, you would only have good cause if your spouse was in the military.

This is the opener to explain ..

Good Cause for Voluntarily Leaving—In all states, individuals who leave their work voluntarily must have good cause if they are not to be disqualified.

In many states, good cause is explicitly restricted to good cause connected with the work, attributable to the employer, or involving fault on the part of the employer. However, in a state where good cause is not explicitly linked to the work, the state may interpret its law to include good personal cause or it may limit it to good cause related to work. Since a state law limiting good cause to the work is more restrictive, it may contain specific exceptions that are not necessary in states recognizing good personal cause. (For example, an explicit provision not disqualifying an individual who quits to accompany a spouse to a new job might not be necessary in a state that recognizes good personal cause; it would be necessary in a state restricting good cause to that related to the work.) 

In the past, I answered many questions about the possibility of proving good cause to collect unemployment.  I included links to specific state interpretive resources and suggested alternate ideas about the causes and argujment that might be supported better as a valid good cause reason to quit a job

Currently, I am not answering new free question but still offer free referrals to professional hearing reps providing services to both employees and employers.  

Please contact me to learn how I refer cases to professionals who can assist with individual unemployment  claims in many different states.

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