The Burden of Good Cause to Quit Your
Job and Collect Unemployment Benefits

Let's start with the basic problem of quitting employment in the United States and expecting to receive unemployment benefits .. because I can get a little worked up over this whole topic of how to quit your job with good cause for unemployment benefits .. not in a bad way, but sort of in a passionate way about what we take from employers sometimes .. to not rock the boat.

  • Employers pay for unemployment insurance and it's their policy .. not yours. It's not enough to just say the employer rear-ended you .. you have to prove they actually did that to someone who is supposed to be dispassionate, impartial and objective.

Sometimes I think there are those who believe I have some sort of good cause crystal ball to discover an ability and a reason they can collect when they file a claim for benefits.

But, if they told me enough, I start with a little research when I know the actual reason a person need to quit.

The problem is I'm not the one requiring proof from them to meet the burden, or sustain good cause existed.  

That authority belongs not to your employer either, but someone at your state unemployment department who is supposed to be viewing your cause through the looking glass of one of fifty sets of state employment security acts.

But, I can tell you this ..good cause is always easier to prove when corroborated with documented evidence and witnesses with first hand testimony to the final, or related incident. 

It's not easy to fulfill the burden because you are expected to exhaust efforts intended to preserve the job that also show a desire to retain your job. but in such a way, that makes the voluntary leaving of employment .. attributable to the work, or the employer ..

The trick to it may be knowing when to take that final leap of faith that you have reached a state of exhaustion and/or futility to make more effort and quit.

I know, some of you may be thinking .. that sucks.  I might even agree with you, but I also know the burden of quitting in a nutshell ..

Proving fault attributable to the work, or employer by  having evidence to prove you made efforts and why more efforts, would prove to be futile ..

And maybe not even to your standard of futile, but that of an imaginary reasonable person who has full knowledge of unemployment law in at least one state the presides over the first and last unemployment appeal.

But here's the thing .. futility and what's reasonable are arguable even when the cause was some he said /she said situation. 

If You Quit Your Job When Should You
Ask Questions About Unemployment? 

The best time to ask any question about unemployment is the same time an employer asks .. while you're still employed.     

An example would be not knowing that not pursuing FMLA (family medical leave act), would be detrimental to not being able to collect unemployment because you quit to get benefits because short term disability wasn't an available option while on FML. 

But pretty much every thing I know about an unemployment burden to quit your job is covered in the unemployment questions about quitting.

There is no definition for good cause to quit like their is for work misconduct.

You will never get me to say yes .. quit your job .. because it isn't me who knows all the important details that mattered, like when I decided to quit.

You can find more questions and answers about other issues affecting eligibility here.

Those also include a few discussions about quitting something called, suitable work.