Do You Think You Have
Good Cause to Quit Your Job? 


Many of you will think you have good cause to quit your job. 

But, instead of just telling you to suck it up and be grateful for having a job, I believe all employees should understand and consider the burden of proof for quitting with good cause first.

Good cause to quit any at-will job is not determined by what you think good cause is, but how unemployment insurance laws view the whole problem of quitting an at-will job with reason and proof enough, to actually collect unemployment benefits.

It's possible depending on the actual reason you quit and more often than when you also possess the ability, to PROVE the fault for your decision to resign was attributable to the work, or the employer.

What About Personal Good Cause Reason to Quit a Job?

Most jobs are subject to the coverage of unemployment insurance benefits and taxes being paid by employers, exclusively.

This mean it's an individual employer who suffers the tax liability consequences for claims paid .. even when you quit.

I think it is a misnomer, that all UI laws reference quitting as voluntary.  How hard could it be to come up with a term that implies the cause could be employer work related misconduct?   But then, that might force employees to pay more attention to their collective employee rights

Voluntary, fails to explain the path (documenting your efforts to preserve your job which are ignored or not dealt with correctly by an employer).

Lots of employees simply don't give much thought, or act, to acquire proof of good cause attributable to the work .. which in turn, is the reason why many employees fail to meet the burden of proof you must sustain at an unemployment hearing when they still opt to be the moving party to end the relationship.

Believe me, meeting the burden of the moving party is something best handled while an employment relationship still exists to save .. even if you don't want it to be saved.

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